Mundane Pointless Poll Here: Pencils or Pens?

I’m a strictly pencil man, Pentel® Quicker-Clicker™ Automatic Pencils to be exact. I prefer, for some reason, the traction I get from writing with a pencil and they aid me in writing extremely small. Pens feel like they move around too much.

Also, I’m tired of being discriminated against in this pen-dominated society. Just last semester, for example, I was forced to rewrite my entire chemistry lab notebook, for the mere reason that it was written in pencil. Is it that big of a deal to glance over something in pencil, when, in actuality, you’re only taking data from the carbon copy. When will the world embrace the erasery-goodness of the pencil? WHEN!?

Black pens only. It HAS to be a Bic medium-point black ink pen.

No stupid rubber-grip either.

It totally depends on the situation for me.

If I’m reading a book and want to underline a passage or write a note in the margin, I MUST use a pencil, preferably a mechanical one. I go into conniptions when I see somebody writing in a book in pen. ::shudder::

For notetaking in classes I’ll use either pen or pencil, whatever writing utensil I happen to reach first.

For writing in my journal, I HAVE to use a Pilot BetterGrip ball point pen, fine point, black ink, and journal-writing is the ONLY purpose to which these pens can be put. I will search for 15 minutes for another pen or a pencil before succumbing to using a journal-pen for some mundane task like a grocery list. It just feels so, so dirty, so wrong.

There is absolutely nothing mundane or pointless about the instrument with which one chooses to put down their most intimate thoughts, ideas, or plain old ramblings.

There was just a thread about What Kind of Pen Do You Use? where quite a number of people expressed some very specific requirements for what they wrote with, myself included.

I am preferential to fountain pens and have begun collecting them as a hobby, in my humble opinion there is no finer writing tool than a well made fountain pen. I just picked up a forty year old Sheaffer at the flea market for $5.00. I cleaned it, dropped in a new cartridge, and have a pen that will out-write and surely outlast any of these new fangled gel writers.

I have a Zebra mechanical pencil and a Steadtler multi which has a pencil with two ballpoints and a hi-lighter that I use in my day-planner.

Mundane indeed!

Me, I usually favor pens. Black is preferred. I feel I write more intelligently in black ink.

I go through phases of liking pencils, but I could never stand mechanical pencils. They’re convenient to not sharpen, but they are just generally a PITA otherwise. I don’t like how small the leads are, especially.

I used to have a designated journal pen, but recently I haven’t. (Though recently, I have made much more progress in keeping a journal maintained. I never had the steam for the long haul before, but I’m definitely filling up some pages.)

This thread has reminded me of the only fountain pen I ever owned, which a friend gave me in sixth grade. I used it for a while and liked it. I’d like to get another one.

Pens. Only pens. Let me rephrase that…only pretty pens. Pink, and red, and purple, and green…none of that black and blue crap for me. One of my bosses told me recently that if I got certified, I’d have to get real pens…“You can’t be a good manager with pink ink Pam!” How did I respond? I went to Walmart, and found the brghtest shade of pink that anyone’s ever seen, and insisted on writing everything in it. Well, I had to shift to green for my deposits, the bank started to get pissed. But otherwise, pink is the only way to go.

I like pencils better than pens. The line on the paper looks better, and its erasable. I also like fine-tipped black markers, and I actually write with them a lot now. Never a true pen, though. The line looks too ugly.

Pencil in my vote for pens, please. I tend to be in a hurry when I write, especially when taking notes in a class. The friction from a pencil on paper is just too much; it slows me down.

Black rollerball pens. Nothing else feels better or looks better. I’ve disliked any other color ink since high school.

Most of the writing I do by hand is for the record (i.e. checks, business forms), so using pencil doesn’t make sense. I’ll use a pencil just to scratch something down when I know I’m either going to transfer it to a more permanent medium or am going to discard it right away, such as a phone number. But I only use pencils in earnest when I’m doing some work around the house and have to measure and mark.

I’m happy if I have any writing instrument at all. My family can’t leave my pen/pencil stash alone. I have abominably bad handwriting, so I prefer to type, but if I have to write, I prefer pen. When I am sketching jewelry designs and making notes about them, I like to use pencil, because I change my mind a lot as I go along.:slight_smile:

[sub]:: Now where’s that damn pencil…?::[/sub]

Pens to make notes, pencils for sketching.

I like the pens with the cushy grips - they pamper my delicate fingers… but I prefer old-time pencils to mechanical.

However, the only way my writing is legible to the world at large is via keyboard - it goes along with my life-long contention that creative people don’t have time to be neat!

I’ll second.

Pentel .05mm automatic pencil only.

Side benefit: Great ear tickler/scratcher.

Pens. I have a pen fetish. I just recently spent about $25 on pens. How sad is that? I’m writing this story in one of my notebooks and I started out using pencil for the first page or so and now it’s all smudged and really hard to read. My favorite pens are these sparkle pens that I just bought. They’re very nifty…

For taking raw data in the field: pencil. (I was taught to the classic biological journal notes with a rapidograph pen which was slightly more convenient than using a chisel and stone. Damn things would clog up and there was no easy way to clean them without ink ending up everywhere.) If later modifications occur, they go in as ink, with the original entry unaltered (sacrosanct).

Cold-temp pens for the Revco items.

Regular pens for everything else.

I use Bic clic-stic pens exclusively.

You must be a real hit with the ladies, Dave.

Unless the task has a specific demand for one or the other, I use whatever’s handy. Certain things require one or the other. In past years when I was marketing I used Cross pens, but quit after I’d broken several. Now I use whatever they’re buying at the office; which, upon examining the contents of my shirt pocket, turns out to be a Pilot Explorer (black, fine point). It’s OK, but hard to take apart and they don’t last very long.

I used mechanical pencils for years but in recent years I’ve switched back to Col-Erase Mirado’s in #s 1, 2, 2.5 and 3.

And Col-Erase is it for colored pencils; I use mostly Carmine Red, Blue, Lt. Blue, Green, Lt. Green, Vermilion, Yellow, Terra Cotta, Brown, Tuscan Red, Violet, Orange and Rose.

And brachy, I began my career with rapidographs and you’re right, they’re a difficult writing instrument to use. We never used them for field notes, but had to use them for end products. All hail computers; they did away with rapidographs! People from about their early thirties and younger in my field don’t know what they are.

I love mechanical pencils…I dislike pens. ::mutters something about fear of committment::

Why do I have to freakin’ scan everything…my new pencil I just bought yesterday.