Mundane Pointless Poll Here: Pencils or Pens?

Which do you prefer? Pencils or Pens? Does it depend on the situation?

Pens,black ink only. At work, if I pick up a blue pen I’ll drop it as soon as I notice it.

Pens - stick type (think Bic or PaperMate Stick) over felt tip or roller ball - I’m lefty and smear inks that don’t dry instantly. And NO ERASERMATE, it feels terrible to write with, and looks like heck.

Pens; roller or ball point; blue, black, red, purple ink … just please don’t give me a pencil. I hate them! I drove my teachers crazy in Jr. High and High School because I would do my math homework in pen. At least until the ordered me to stop. Ugh, pencils: hate 'em!

Pens, blue pens, haven’t used a pencil voluntarily since 9th grade. I had a physcis teacher once who made us use pencil, so I had to buy a pack of 8 pencils just for that class.

I use pens all the time. I hate pencils. Can’t stand them. I hate Scan-Tron tests for this very reason. Only pens for me, except…when I am doing math. When I am working on those pesky Integrations and such I have to use a pencil (automatic only, though). Don’t know why this is. I suppose that it has something to do with when I was in 9th grade and my math teacher forced us to use pencil or we got no credit on the assignment. I don’t know.

Pens; black or blue ballpoint. I hate gel pens. You know the ones, the neon or pastel colors. And why do people feel the need to write their checks out with them? The orange ones especially, which are impossible to read.

I’ve recently acquired a pen fetish. I love pens, adore them, always carry around like 10-15 of them in different colors. I only have a couple pencils because a couple of my teachers will not accept any work if it isn’t done in pencil.


Pens…nice big fat ones…I have lousy muscle control and my handwriting is neater with a big pen…I didn’t say neat, just neater (at the Minot dopefest MsRobyn referred to it as “chickenscratch” which is what my teachers called it too.


Pencils at work, being appropriate for an accountant-type.

Pens anywhere else, and whenever I can get away with it at work.

Pens only.

I hated using pencils in school because I have some sort of pencil/bone disorder.

When I use a pencil I can feel something from the contact of the pencil lead on the paper all the way to my teeth. It’s sort of like fingernails on a chalkboard, but not nearly as intense.

In any event I hate using pencils.

When I was a teenager, I saw Where The Buffalo Roam and for about a year I insisted on using only bic medium point blue pens. (I did some funny stuff back then.)

Pens. Black ink preferably, but will use blue ink, as long as it’s dark. I also prefer roller ball types, with medium points. Years ago, I loved the Bic Bananas, being a medium point fan. Fine points grate on my nerves. And I despise magic marker type pens. I always feel like I am a little kid not trusted with “big kid markers” when I use them.

Pencils are OUT. I will NOT use them. I, too, got in trouble in school for insisting on using them in math class. Yeah, I caved, after much bitching on several teachers’ parts, but even then I had to have the mechanical pencils. At least they felt like pens.

Pens. Blue. I don’t know what brand I use, but they’re clear plastic with blue rubber finger grips. They write beautifully.

I like pens of all colors.

But they only let me use crayons here.

Black, Pilot Rolling Ball, Extra Fine pens. Nothing else will do it for me. The only exception is when I’m working on a mathematical type problem for school, in which it becomes less feasible to simply cross out an offending word and rewrite it.

Well, PENding a few more responses, I think we are reaching a consensus of sorts. The Eberhard Faber Co. should oPEN their eyes and declare their indePENdence from Madagascar graphite…oh, never mind.

I like pens too. Ballpoint, any color is fine. I usually have four or five in my pocket at any given time, and pencils don;t do so hot there; also I like to stick 'em behind my ear and that’s a little dangerous when you have a freshly sharpened pencil back there.

Also, while I’ve got no problem with the feel of pencils, or the sound they make when they’re sharp, a dull pencil scraping against a piece of paper is enough to bring gasps to my throat and tears to my eyes, or the other way around.Makes me shiver and wince just sitting here imagining it.

I only use pencils at work.So i always have them laying around.I only use pens to write my bills out.And than they must be black.

Roller-ball pens with black ink for work. When I write in my journal it has to be with my Parker fountain pen. If I have to use a pencil then it’s a traditional 2B. I hate hard leads and I loathe mechanical pencils.

Pencils all the way.

Maybe it’s the way I write, but when I use a pen I always end up smearing the ink and getting it on my fingers.
And I like being able to erase what I just wrote.

I do not have a single pencil in the house, haven’t for 30 years.

I got out of the habit when I first got contact lenses, and the dust from sharpening them would make my eyes itch.