Mundane Pointless Stuff You Look Forward To (MPSYLFT)

I was just chatting with my sister via text, making a joke about how we look forward to seeing a stray orange cat outside our house sometimes. It’s like a little, meaningless, dumb bonus that we have no real reason to look forward to, but we do nonetheless. Somehow, seeing Orange Cat is very exciting to us, including when he darts away quickly as we pull up in our driveway.

As she put it in a text, “It would be a boring walk to ones car with nothing to look forward to! Will I catch a glimpse of orange cat? I didn’t see him/her last time…will he/she run this time? Or perhaps stay and get to know me? Will he or she be on my car or my brothers? THERE ARE NO LIMITS TO THE WONDERS OF ORANGE CAT.”

We are of course being a little silly about it, but there is a kernel of truth to our enjoyment.

I also remember being a kid in biology class, REALLY looking forward to whenever my teacher would adjust his glasses and say, “eyes up here” and then wave his index finger around. I don’t know why I looked forward to it and got happy whenever he did it… but something about the way he said it and his mannerisms were just so interesting to me.

So, to be clear, I’m not talking about things like looking forward to your favorite TV show, or seeing your boyfriend/girlfriend on the weekends, or looking forward to holidays. I’m talking about truly pointless, mundane things that for some inexplicable reason bring you some level of pleasure or satisfaction.

So let’s here it, do you have any MPSYLFT?

I look forward to the introductions of new banknotes. In November, the new twenties come out!

I don’t know if this is as mundane as what your looking for, but…

I live in big basin between the Coast Range and Cascade mountains (OP IIRC you’re from Oregon… I’m in the Umpqua valley). We get almost no wind. The college I go to is built on a sorta steppe-like hill along the river. Like the whole valley, there is almost no wind. Except for one building, built on the top of a hill, away from the rest of campus. There are few classes held there, and I was a year attending before I had a class up there. We would have to wait for the instructor to open the door, so we were stuck outside.

Every once in a while there was a good breeze blowing at the top of that hill. Every day I would haul ass to get to class half an hour early, just in case there was a breeze. I absolutely love the wind, and very rarely get to experience it.

I was just thinking this the other day.

The vibrate function on my Gillette Power Fusion, serves absolutely no purpose at all. Yet, I don’t want to live in a world with out vibrating razors.

I’ve been without a battery in mine for almost a month now, and I agree… shaving is not nearly as nice. I too admit it doesn’t really help get a closer shave, but it feels a lot nicer on my face while I’m shaving :smiley: