Mundane Pointless Super Powers That People Possess (MPSPTPP)

In the recent past 3 people that I know have exhibited interesting but hardly graphic novel worthy super powers.

One has the gift of spotting low grade celebrities and sporting figures. He recently noticed a guy walking near us in the street and insisted that he was a former TV actor. Later we found his picture on the web and indeed he starred in a show that the rest of us had never heard of. Not quite X-ray vision more like B-grade vision.

My brother says he is** a genius at buying oranges**. He claims to have never bought an orange that wasn’t sweet and juicy. None of those arid, pulpy things has ever been in his fruit bowl. A quick feel and he can tell. Almost like Daredevil with the enhanced sense of touch.

Another guy claims to be able to detect the presence of hot women sight unseen. More than once I have seen him suddenly interrupt a conversation to swivel in the direction of a distant attractive stranger like Radar O’Reilly responding to an as yet inaudible incoming chopper.

Anyone else have super buddies?

One of my brothers has the ability to offend and repel women at a rate that is truly epic.

I, on the other hand, can pull a full set of keys out of my pocket, holding them by the key I need. I used to be able to pull exact change out of my pocket (provided I had the change in the first place), but since I switched to mostly debit card, this power doesn’t as much use.

I have double-jointed thumbs.

I have never dropped a can of beer that was thrown to me. Friends in college would try all sorts of tricks, but I would catch every one. It was suggested to me that I might have made a good hockey goalie.

I’ve got a weird sense of direction and place/location. A friend and I basically left Pittsburgh at the same time headed for the same small town in Indiana. He used a Garmin and I just looked over a map quick the night before and went by feel and reading the road signs as I drove along. I beat him there by about 10 minutes.

(In interest of full disclosure I’m not as good in cities; finding x street in say Chicago. But ask me to go to Anvil Montana and I’ll just point myself west and make it in damn good time)