Mundane slightly interesting fact.

There are bits of paper at work (contracts) signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
And I can spell Schwarzenegger without looking it up.

The Governor of California, or is there some unlucky fellow who shares the name?

Nope. It is the Governator. And it’s because he’s Governor that we have his Signature on things.

On a similar note, my Step-dad has a letter from Mohamed Ali. But I expect that name is not uncommon in asians in Bolton.


Which bit do you want me to repeat?

My step-dad was a citizen’s advice bureau soliciter type person based in Bolton. And he had many asian (muslim) clients. That’s how he got that letter.

I have files with Marlo Brando and Jimmy Stewart’s signatures in them.
For whatever reason, a number of Hollywood types owned oil and gas interests in Southern Alberta way back when.

Bruce_Daddy: bear in mind there is no continent of “middle east”. The Asian continent extends all the way west to Europe, and people from where we think of as “middle east” are technically Asians.

The UK and US have different ideas of what an ‘asian’ is.

For the US it’s east-asians, for the UK it’s west-asians. When the word ‘asian’ is mentioned it is almost always in reference to someone from one of the ‘middle-eastern’ countries. I knew this fact but I thought the SDMB knew better.

I’ve had a trademark from George Harrison’s estate here.

Lobsang, what do y’all call people from the eastern half of Asia? Orientals? Chinese?

I suppose we’d call them asian too. But oriental asians come up in conversations far far less than west-asians. I suppose to distinguish we would use east-asians, but probably ‘asians’.
My point is that to most brits the word ‘asian’ conjures up the memory of the west-asian we share our country with.

Just remembered something from back when I was working in the NEA mailroom during the Mapplethorpe and Serrano scandals. I don’t remember what discipline it was addressed to but we had an envelope from Burgess Meredith.