Muppet Day!

SO I am bingewatching the Muppet movies, and right now is Dickens’ Christmas Carol.

Always annoyed me that Scrooge didn’t seem to a]realize it was Christmas the next day and b]it was traditional for employees to get the day off.

I know it was to show how heartless he was, but still … you don’t get to be 50 years old [or whatever] without interacting with teh rest of society.

Sidetrack: Didn’t Scrooge ask Cratchit every single Xmas Eve if he wanted the whole next day off? Is his memory that bad? Was Bob supposed to say he’d come in and work?

Listen to what Scrooge says. He knows Bob will want the day off and is trying to guilt him to work.

Not reading the book, haven’t for a number of years so I don’t remember him having the same discussions every year =(

manipulative cheapskate =)

He knows, but he’s forgotten (cue Old Master Fezziwig). It’s part of the gradual hardening of his life and character that the ghosts set out to cure in one blessed night.