Muppets and their Heirarchy

While discussing these wonderful creatures, I’ve come to an option I don’t think is correct

I maintain that Grouches (i.e. Oscar are NOT monsters. I say there are at least four kinds or spiecies(sp??).

I say there are the kind that have legs which are mobile (Big Bird. the Snuffelupagus), the kind that resemble humans(Bert & Ernie), Monsters (Elmo, The Cookie Monster) and Grouches.

I maintain Grouches are seperate not a subspieces of Monsters.

I think Kermit is a sort of subspieces as he has legs but they don’t work.

Also I consider Muppets on Sesame Street the TRUE class of muppets. The ones on that commercial show are related but not true muppets.

Kermit’s legs work. Ever seen The Muppet Movie? He rides a bike.

Anyway, on Sesame Street, there are three classes of Muppets, IMHO. Humans, Animals, and Monsters. Grouches are monsters. I would put Snuffy in the Animal category. He strongly resembles a woolly mammoth.

All other Muppets, from the shows and movies, are Muppets. The existence of Muppets is not something that can be questioned or argued. There are no “true” or “false” Muppets. They exist. They are real. No one can dispute this. They all have their own wonderful characteristics. Each of us has our own personal Muppet, that we turn to when we feel the need.

Okay, I’m going to go watch Elmopalooza now. :slight_smile:

Wow, this is going to be a heated debate…perhaps the thread should be moved?
Anyway, I vote with Cristi- grouches are monsters, not their own group. That’s my story, and I’m a die hard Muppets fan :slight_smile:

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Definitely agree. Grouches are monsters. The whole legs thing is irrelevant, as all Muppets have legs. How else could they move around?

Gonzo is the only one who is neither human nor animal nor monster. Except maybe the yipyip aliens (I forget their names).

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I have one thing to say:

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