Murder victims later turning up alive and well

Are there any well-known cases of someone being convicted of a murder and the victim later turning up alive and well? How about cases where the victim disappeared on purpose to frame the wrongfully convicted?

Here’s a classic, from 1820:

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There was a historical case in Spain, in 1910, that is very famous there. It is known in as “El Crimen de Cuenca” (The Murder of Cuenca, Cuenca being a province in Spain). For details, this article in Wikipedia explains it reasonably well:

Summing it up: A man (José María Grimaldos) disappears in 1910; foul play is suspected, and two others are accused of having killed him. A first investigation in 1911 is closed but reaches no conclusions. The case is re-opened in 1913, the two suspects are arrested and confess under torture to having killed Grimaldos and destroyed the corpse. In 1918 they are finally sentenced to jail, narrowly avoiding the death penalty. They are released in a general amnesty in 1924, after having spent 11 years in jail (they had been in prison since their arrest in 1913).

In 1926 it is discovered, purely by chance, that Grimaldos is alive and well in another village.

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Stories like this occassionally appears in Indian media…including murder victims returning …

Here is one such story…


Here’s how the Romans handled such situations! (Well, probably not in most cases, but they loved the story).

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