murderer's thumb

I’ve heard of this several times, but need more information on it. I believe it relates to an extra wide thumbnail in males, extra height, and a tendency to aggressive behavior. I think it is a genetic problem. Does anyone have any better info???

are you talking about XYY syndrome? I’ve never heard of the thumb thing, though. Here’s a brief link on the syndrome:

XYY syndrome

BTW, the link between XYY syndrome and excessive aggression is quite tenuous, and dismissed out of hand by many authorities. They are taller than XY males, though.

Try this link for even more info:

My favorite pathology site has a page about XYY

I’m not sure that XYY what you’re thinking of. I can’t find any indication of anything unusual about the thumbnails of XYYs. They may have a greater liklihood than normal of having seizure disorders, of having bad acne, and of having abnormalities of the urogenital system or the teeth.