Murderous Druids

Did the ancient Celtic religion practice human sacrifice, or any other form of ritual killing? Is there any evidence of this other than what Caesar said?

Boy, This Site seems to give quite a bit of info on them :smiley:


Couldn’t find it online, but The Life and Death of a Druid Prince by Anne Ross and Don Robins does a fair job of explaining the Lindow Man, who apparently was a human sacrifice. Pictures too!!! :slight_smile:

Among people who do their homework, the answer is generally “yes”. Modern Celtic-based neopagans don’t particularly like the fact that their revived religion has a history of bloodthirstiness, and some bitterly deny it, but archaeology doesn’t lie. I’ll mention the fact that I’m a Nordic Wiccan for two reasons:

  1. So that I’m not thought to be a born-again Christian with an anti-pagan axe to grind, and
  2. As a partial excuse to my inability to name excavations, etc. in modern-day France that would tend to bear out my assertation. I could tell you plenty about pre-viking-era sacrifices in Germany and Scandinavia, hoo boy, but I don’t have the specifics on hand about the Celts.
    My assertation that the Celts did practice human sacrifice comes from a friend of mine, one Eric T. of Minneapolis, who has a history degree and who is prone to writing scholarly tomes about the Celts. I had to consult him at one time when I was locked in a debate with a neopagan who refused to acknowledge the history of his religion. Anyway, the upshot is that there are numerous sites, at least in Western Europe, if not in Ireland and England, where neatly-piled stacks of bones and skulls were discovered, all of which showed signs of meeting a violent end. For some reason which currently eludes me, Eric stated that these were not likely to be catacombs/graveyards. Hope this helps.

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Read Caesar’s Gallic Wars. He accused the Druids of human sacrifice but there is a small chance it was propaganda to whip up support for his war from the people in Rome.