Muscle relaxer w shorter half-life than Flexeril?

I hate, hate, hate cyclobenzaprine.
But it works.

I have spinal stenosis and experience spasms/cramps w/e etc which prevent me from sleeping well.

If I take cyclobenzaprine before bed I sleep very well.
Like I said, it works. It works well.
But I wake up all delirious and stay groggy for hours into the morning. Extra coffee doesn’t cut through the grog.

If I take the meds earlier in the evening long before bed, I have trouble staying asleep the whole night.
The Dr has already reduced my dosage.

But is there something out there which is about as effective but which will leave my system more quickly?

The Dr has given a refillable script for gobs of the stuff.
But, as is, I only take it on the weekend when I can lay about longer and it doesn’t matter if I am loopy.

It’d be nice to get some good sleep during the week.

Ever tried Baclofen?

I used to take Flexeril when my sciatica flares up and switched to Soma (carisoprodol) for similar reasons. Bring that up with your doc.

I hate Flexeril, I won’t take it since it makes me groggy for days.
Soma works great for me though. I can take a couple of those and be fine by morning. In fact, as soon as a doctor suggests a muscle relaxer, I’ll ask for Soma and refuse Flexeril.

I also have some Orphenadrine in my medicine cabinet from my surgery, haven’t tried that yet. I never bothered with it for fear that I’d be a zombie for days like I was with flexeril.

Keep 'em coming.

I will look into the suggestions so far and talk to the Dr sooner than later.

Sometimes I have luck cutting them in half and just taking that- works on the spasms, helps me sleep and doesn’t make me want to sleep for 3 more days straight.

I’ve never noticed that Flexeril actually worked for anything other than groggy. I will check out the other options.

If you need something that helps with the muscle spasms, I find that those stick on heat pads really help.

Heatwrap at Amazon

I use something like Ambien for sleep if I get desperate. I find I don’t have the grogginess issues.

I also discovered a few years ago that Cymbalta did wonders for long term nerve damage I suffered with L4-L5 damage in my lower back. If you have ongoing lower back issues, you might explore Cymbalta as well. I experience much, much, MUCH less daily back pain than I used to.

Tizanadine (Zanaflex) has a 2-hour half life. I take it at bedtime as part of my treatment for chronic migraine.

Also, like ddsun, I’ve found that Cymbalta helps with chronic pain issues. I don’t have any side effects from it, but of course YMMV, IANAD, BBQ, ETC. I also love the heat wraps, and often heat one up and take it to bed.

Flexeril has a half-life of 18 hours on average! I don’t know how anyone can take it!

Chlorzoxazone or paraflex - if you can get it other than as parafon forte. I absofreakinglutely detest the way they shove acetaminophen into everything “so it can’t be abused”


First, let me thank you all for your responses.

Second, let me offer my sympathy.
I am sorry that so many of you have a first-hand knowledge of this sort of thing.

I may have to bring a notebook to the Dr’s.
I have an appointment with a specialist soon as well.
That Dr may have more insight into these specific things.

A 40 ounce mug of coffee in the morning usually cleared out my cobwebs long enough to function until lunchtime.