Music CDs that data does not agree

Ever get a CD that the digital info read by the Windows Media Player is different from the music on the CD?
It claimed a Vaughn Williams CD was Sting, and my Aaron Copland it says is his 81st Birthday Concert.


Yeah, my computer used to do that. If I played a CD in window’s media player all the tracks would be labeled “warcraft 2 Music”. I was running windows 98 SE at the time. I wish I had a solution for you, but the problem went away for me when I reformatted my harddrive. I’m now running windows 2000 and haven’t had any problems. If you want a solution less harsh than reformatting you’ll have to talk to someone smarter than me.

Out of curiosity what kind of computer do you have?

It’s a new Gateway at work running Win98 SE. I haven’t tried the CD on another PC, I thought it was the disc. I’ll try it and see.

I think the problem is caused by Windows Media Player searching an Internet database for CD and track titles using a certain ID system, but the ID is the same as another CD so it detects it as the wrong one. It happens to me all the time when I try playing a game CD-ROM (with CD audio tracks) in Media Player.