Music City Grand Prix

What a Farce! 20 laps in and already about 20 crashes. Red Flagged right now. Let’s just hope they cancel the whole thing. Who thought this was a good idea? Track too narrow, too bumpy, too stupid.

This ain’t racing. This is a Demo Derby.

The bridge is cool…or would be if they could ever finish 3 or 4 laps without a yellow.

On 7th cation now. They’re gonna run out of sunlight soon.

You couldn’t go 2 wide with Go-Karts on most of this track. Unbelievable.

2nd red. This race has been a chore to watch. But it’s not like I had any thing else to do.

Yep. Same boat. Too smokie and hot to go out with the dogs. I suppose I could watch the Woman’s Volleyball game for the 8th time.

I think maybe the pace car has most laps in the lead. :grin:

I swear I posted that before they just said that!

Hehe. Well, it took 3 damn hours to go about 180 miles…60mph avg.

Yeah. Won by a F1 washout, too.

I don’t know which is worse, the Grand Prix in Nashville or the one here that was in a freakin’ parking lot! Parking lots are where you send students, not professional drivers.