Music conflict

I live with my grandparents, and my grandmothers mom is here too. i am 16. While on the computer, i love listening to some music, but granny(great-grandmother) watches crap like Family Feud (a gameshow with gay music) and it is so contrary for what i am doing. it just annoys me. there are tv’s all over the house, but that wont work. they argue or some crap. This is the only computer here. what do i do?

get headphones for your pc, most of the cd roms have a headphone jack, and you could also plug into the audio out in the back of the pc.

There’s yer answer. I sure wouldn’t keep Jesus from his Family Feud. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you could move the computer to a more secluded location.

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DrMatrix - GQ Moderator

So what does this music do? Re-decorate? Go antiquing? Make subtle passes at you? What makes you sure it’s gay? (Not that there’s anything wrong with it…)

Oh, I see what your saying! Antique enthusiasts must be homosexual!

You homophobe!! :smiley:

As for the OP, get some headphones and respect your elders! (Grandmother’s MOTHER? :eek: Good Lord! How old is this woman?)

She told me she loved me like a brother. She was from Mississippi, hence the Joy!

No, No…I was asking the OP what makes him think the music was gay. Right or wrong, something obviously gave him that impression. Maybe the music came traipsing into the room wearing a tutu and combing its Freddy Mercury-esque mustache, or cooked something that involved a garlic press and the OP mistakenly thought this meant the music was gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with…oh nevermind, just buy a 1920’s style death ray, get rid of them all and start blaring Erasure from your computer.

They play gay music on Family Feud? Is Richard Dawson back?

Maybe (s)he was saying Robert Israel is gay. I’m still not sure what it has to do with the sort of music he wrote. Perhaps the car on the Price is Right (original source of the FF theme) was marketed at gay people?

Looks like some people really like the music on Family Feud. All 25 years of it.

:eek: Richard Dawson’s gay? Louie Anderson, I could see, and that Barney Rubble looking guy who killed himself, well, he must have had some kind of issues, but Richard Dawson?!?!?! Nah, he can’t be gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course)


Well, Vince Clarke is straight, so technically, they’re only half gay …

Good GMR says buy headphones.

Bad GMR says “Start listening to Lords of Acid.”

Curious GMR wants to know if the Family Feud theme has been replaced by the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy theme.

Methinks the term “gay” is being used to denote “un-cool”, “boring” or “dull” by the teeny-boppers these days.

Seems like I heard that in passing. In a mall, ya’ know.

Yes, we know. And this is our little way of telling him that it’s “uncool,” “boring” or “dull” to use the word “gay” that way.

That’s amazingly scary.

Where do you find this stuff? Who would have known to look for this stuff?

Amazing. :eek:

I was going for “stupid”, but I’ll take what you said.