Music for when you're drunk.

CanvasShoes, DSOTM was the first thing I though of. Neat.

Tubular Bells – the entire album by Mike Oldfield is so fine for these special occasions. Hypnotic.

Another composer that is mesmerizing is Phillip Glass. Glassworks is one of the best.

Mickey Hart if you like percussion.

I also liked Nights in White Satin by The Moody Blues.

Another vote here for the Pogues, the Chieftains, Tom Waits, and Psychic TV. NurseCarmen, we should tie one on together!

If you were drunk when you wrote that, how come there were no spelling mistakes?

No words. Futuristic. Flow of sound.

Sounds like you’ve just described “Last Rites” by Skinny Puppy to a “T”.

It’s industrial music, but very laid back industrial. Almost orchestral, in effect, due to the sheer complexity of the sound.

I’ve always thought the album sounded like the soundtrack to a movie, in the sense that it has a definite sense of progression and direction. One of my favorite albums of all time, actually.

Almost any will do, as it has plenty of “angular banjoes”*, as aja says. Time Out of Mind, and Black Cow, and frankly nearly half the entries on Aja and Gaucho, refer to altered states of consciousness as well.

As Captain RibMan would say: Good Luck! :slight_smile:

*referring to “Jazzy” type stuff in general. SD, as a plus, is rocky enough that you can pay attention to it but slow and jazzy enough to be interesting.

Depends on the mood.

If its energetic drinking - Flogging Molly: a guinness soaked musical body blow

If it’s laid back drinking - Amon Tobin or Kruder and/or Dorfmeister in the background

If it is stoopid drinking - Alice Cooper : Hey Stoopid!

Also, you can’t go wrong with Andrew W.K.; it’s so bad, it’s good.

Angular banjoes sound good to me. :wink:

And I Got The News always reminds me of a showtune.

Interesting, indeed. :slight_smile:

How can you not love Steely Dan (even when you’re sober)? I ask you.

wow, you guys have a good taste in music for the occasions (it doesn’t really surprise me all that much, you guys same of solid quality, but it’s a complement none-the-less).

wednesday is my music appreciation night at home with my new surround sound receiver. it’s me and a bottle of wine listening to ambient, air-y, trip hop. on these nights:

Sigur Ross, Lemon Jelly, Massive Attack, Hooverphonic, softer Aphex Twin, FSOL, darker Underworld and Orbital…
almost anything with an electronic vibe to it. but I’ve also done some Flaming Lips and the softer rock accoustical numbers.

On the other hand, going out and listening to live music is beer and some good funk / jazz, indie rock jams. usually these are groups that I don’t know of but I somehow end up at the bar/place listening to them. but the general rule is: the longer the song, the better the band is (and the more I drink).

I’m glad somebody already said the Chieftans. Another one for me in that same vein would be the Soviet Army Chorus, of all things.

Because the backspace key is my GOD!
(and I tend to be more careful when I am druk)

Since you were too drunk to find Cafe Society, let me move this thread for you.

-Czarcasm, the Designated Poster


Holly shit! I don’t remember posting this!
(well i do now, but it was a surprise to see it there in MPSMS. Took a good few seconds to recall posting it. That does not normally happen when I drink. I usually remember all too well what I posted)

Anyway… Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I will now read the thread having got over the surprise.

You call your Dog ‘Backspace Key’?

Only the last half is instrumental, though. I do have to say that “Riverz End” and the last 5 or so minutes of “Download” are my favorite parts of the album.

I say screw the “no words” and throw on Front Line Assembly’s Hard Wired. Very futuristic in a really nihilistic sort of way.

Art of Noise


Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds


God Lives Underwater

all sorts of Dr. Demento stuff.
Go for it, dude!

Groks…(whoops)…HMV here I come!
(thanks again guys)

Probably not what you’re looking for, but for “futuristic, flowing music”, the electronic band “Gridlock” might be something you’d be interested in. I think there are a few bands under that name - check something out from the CD “Further”.