Music for when you're drunk.

As I am drunk it is almost impossible to define what I like to hear when drunk. So I will make it as short as possible.

No words.


Not so much a ‘beat’ as a ‘flow’ of sound.

music that could almost be the result of the sounds of a futuristic city (not intentionally ‘music’ but interesting like a dream of the future)

Ambient techno, maybe? Future Sound of London fits that bill nicely, and it’s great drunk music IMHO. Listen to the song “Cascade” off of the album “Lifeforms.” If you like that song I’d recommend the whole album.

One can only understand the blues, I mean really down in the belly feel the blues, whilst drunk.

As I no longer drink, I dont really listen to the blues any more. I get wistful, like running into a girlfriend I don’t love any more.

If you’re drinking beer, Carlos Santana can be pretty nice. Five or six beers can make some electric guitar music symphonic.

“Godspeed You Black Emperor” could be what you’re looking for.

Doh, “Sigur Ros,” gets my higher recommendation. Really relaxing, spacey kind of stuff. It has words, but they’re from Iceland so it just sounds like another instrument to me.

No, seriously Lobsang, go look at your dad’s records and pull out his John Mayall records with Clapton or Peter Green and John McVie, or maybe some old old Fleetwood Mac. Turn it up and stomp around the house bellowing “Yeah!”

I highly recommend it.

Hmmmmmmmm, I’d have to say something along the lines of “DSOTM”. But then, I haven’t been drunk for years and years (decades really), so I’m just kindof going by when I’ve been merely tipsy.

The answer your looking for is Drum and Bass. Though listening to Squarepusher when fucked up my permenantly damage your mind.

that should be “may permenently damage your mind”

Angelo Badalamenti.

Lemon Jelly (nice and jolly).

Black Sabbath is good when drunk. Any good metal will do.

Fleetwood Mac is more of a stoner music IMO.

“It’s Alive” - The Ramones.
Volume Control set at 11.

No, you’re all wrong. The best drunk music is Steely Dan :slight_smile:

Beat me to it with Lemon Jelly there. Also Pixies.

Well, the best drinking music is clearly the Pogues, but if you want techno, you could consider Psychic TV.



I meant “Zeppelin”. :cool:

Iiiiiiiiiiinteresting. Just what are we talking, Ludovic?

Something upbeat, like Time Out of Mind?

Dark yet danceable, like Kid Charlemagne?

Jazzy, like Black Cow?

I must know. I’ve got some wine in the fridge, and I was thinking it would go well with Curtis Mayfield, but I just may change my M.O. :wink: