music from bee season trailer

i was wondering if my fellow dopers could help me out. I watched a trailer for the movie Bee Season and loved the song that was in it. I was wondering if anyone out there knew what it was.

This movie looks like my kind of movie. I’m excited.


I hope someone else comes along with a better answer because after watching the trailer, I fell in love with that song, too.

I tried googling the lyrics, but no luck. I finally made my way to the IMDb Message Board where there are people asking the exact same question. According to one poster, it may be called “I’ll Be Near You” from a band named Ivy (Note the last paragraph mentions recording that song for the movie) However, Ivy appears to have a female lead singer. And I agree with another IMDb poster… my first thought was that this sounded like John Mayer. So this may or may not be the right song.

Oh, and if this is the song, it was recorded just for the movie, so we’d have to wait for the soundtrack to come out.


That’s one step further than I was before, anyway. Sounds like I’ll be playing the waiting game. I’m going to see if I can catch the movie at TIFF so hopefully it’ll be in the credits.

It’s definitely not Ivy - they have an entirely different sound and style.

Could it be Ivy, with John Mayer as a guest singer?

This movie looks like my kind of movie. I’m excited.

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I always get this story confused with The Secret Life of Bees although they are completely different.

I read *Bee Season * a few years ago…kind of disturbing and depressing, I thought.

We read it for my freshman-year ethics class last term. I’m not a fan.

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