Music in Nike Commerical

There’s a Nike commercial I’ve seen several times, featuring (simulated?)game footage of St. Louis Ram’s RB Stephen Jackson breaking tackles. In the background is the somewhat curious musical choice featuring a fiddle and drums. Does anyone know what piece of music is being used?

It’s from “Last of the Mohicans” pretty sure.

It’s definitely the theme from “Last of the Mohicans,” one of my favorite original scores to any movie. I think, if memory serves, the theme first appears on the song “The Kiss” but is repeated several times, both on the soundtrack and in the movie. There are several other amazing tunes on the soundtrack, but this one is the standout, IMHO.

Mispost. Sorry.

Here’s the clip from the (fantastic) Michael Mann film highlighting; it’s another language, but still speaks for itself.

I should probably note that, for anyone who hasn’t seen the film, the clip has MAJOR spoilers. Terrific piece.

Interestingly, Diomedes, most of the film was shot in your neck of the woods. Gorgeous scenery throughout.

This place is amazing. I didn’t even both to check back for a few hours, and I could’ve had my answer within ten minutes. Thanks a lot, micahjn.

As far as Last of the Mohicans goes, the only thing I remember about the film is being ten years old and asking my father repeatedly if he could pull someone’s heart out of their chest with his bare hands. I haven’t seen it in the intervening 15 years, so I think this is a job for Netflix, stat. :slight_smile:

The song is called Promontory from Last of the Mohicans.

Aw, just when I thought the phase I had where I listened to a whole lot of film scores was just about to come in useful and you all beat me to it.

The score is a little unusual in that parts were written seperately by two composers. The Trevor Jones stuff, IIRC, is much superior.

Most of the score isn’t in the same celtic (? I think) flavor as that, although that theme/style is makes several appearances. It’s a very good score all around.