Music: New Fusion - Snarky Puppy

I searched, but didn’t see a thread. I am not a FusionHead, so I suspect some of you are ahead of me in knowing this band.

Snarky Puppy, Flood. Band formed by the bassist, instrumental with a Fusion/Steely Dan feel. Jazzy and funky in that great sweet-spot sort of way. Sinewy and real, not unctuous bad-Fusion smarm. Not a jam band, but clearly all about communication. The back half of this song features the drummer, who I believe is Robert Searight. Jesus! It feels like one of the few times I have seen a drummer as the clear, lead voice in the mix, but it is not a DRUM SOLO or a purely rhythmic exploration. He just takes the horns, the strings, keys and guitars into his space. Really brilliant.

What do we know about these guys?

That’s Michael League’s band. There’s like 40 people who rotate in and out. They started at University of North Texas, of all places back in 2004.

They tour and also host various seminars and master classes.

Excellent fusion but like all fusion, it’s often a bit tepid. And yeah, great drumming on that track you linked.

I’m a big fan. One of my frequent studio collaborators went to school with a number of them at UNT.

They are absolutely fantastic live. Just saw them about 6 weeks ago in Sacramento.

Well, you wouldn’t think it from the name or location, but the University of North Texas is one of the top music schools (especially for jazz) in the country. It’s could be the #3 school for music after Berklee and Julliard.

I was introduced to them last year. Great music.

A Monday-morning bump to encourage folks to check these guys out.

Do they ever have vocals?

I listened to the linked track and skimmed a few others, While the music is great it reminds me of Steely Dan without vocals.

Aye; the song that won them a Grammy, for instance: Something by Snarky Puppy with Lalah Hathaway.

The band has no vocalist, but they do have lots of guest performers and occasionally some of those guests are vocalists.

Didn’t they put out a few videos of them doing very-not-jazz popular songs in very-classic-jazz/swing style? I coulda swore that was them (I remember the goofy name) but I am not seeing those on YouTube…