Music, please! Looking for swamp rock/soul

Guess it’s 'cause I’m getting old, but I’m finding that the music I’ve loved most of my life just ain’t working no more. Having been born and raised in the south, I think I’m being drawn back to my roots. I don’t care much for most popular country music, but… Well, anyway, parthenokinesis was kind enough to hand deliver a new song to me. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve listened to a song and felt it in my bones. It’s called “Home”, by Marc Broussard. Here’s a link to hear a sample, but I can tell you right now it sounds way better on a good stereo system than on my bitty computer speakers:
Can’t say I care for the rest of tracks on the album, though.

So, can anyone out there recommend bands or artists with this kind of sound? My life needs a new soundtrack.

Utterly and completely:

Cowboy Mouth, from New Orleans, LA.

A combination of rock, country, folk and R&B with deep roots in the bayou. My favorite quote about them comes from Cake Magazine:

“On a bad day they’ll tear the roof off the joint. On a good day they’ll save your soul.”

Boz Scaggs , the first album by Boz Scaggs.

“Loan Me A Dime” will change your life.

If it’s Swamp Rock you’re looking for, look no further thanSonny Landreth. I believe the “Lagniappe” button on his web page has some samples.

I bet you’d really like Jim White.

You might also enjoy Randy Casey, especially the instrumental stuff.

Well, I don’t know if it is technically Swamp Rock, but Jason and The Scorchers will probably be something to your liking, as well as Southern Culture on the Skids and maybe The Supersuckers.

The Long Road Home: The Ultimate John Fogerty Creedence Collection

John Hiatt?

George Kilby, Jr.
The Iguanas

It can’t be said to many times AllMusic is the perfect place for questions like this. You can spend hours tracking influences, similar artists, genres from one name.

16 Horsepower?

Little Feat. Trust me. Especially the Lowell George-era material.

How about Mofro? A friend of mine described them as “front-porch funk.”

Good luck trying to find it, but Treat Her Right might fit the bill for you. It’s the band Mark Sandman had before Morphine, and the main differences are harmonica instead of sax and more swamp style than dirty blues, but it rocks anyway you slice it.

Webb Wilder

“Work hard, rock hard, eat hard, sleep hard, grow big, wear glasses if you need 'em.” - The Webb Wilder Credo

This is true - that song did change my life!

I also support the John Hiatt suggestion

Molly Hatchett did Gator Country on their first album, but the entire album probably doesn’t qualify.

Sleepy LaBeef, baby!

I agree with the Sonny Landreth and John Hiatt suggestions; Sonny plays in John’s band The Goners. Hiatt’s a native Hoosier, but his sweet yowl just fits right in. Lipstick Sunset and The Back of My Mind give me chills.

Thanks, all! Wow, this is almost like Christmas. I’ve only had a chance to check out a few suggestions, but I’ll be happily surfing and listening for quite a while (not to mention spending some $$$ at Amazon). Lovin’ the allmusic site, too!

Thank you thank you thank you!!! New music…yea!

Hey, thanks for the shout-out, chole. I have to say this is my first RL/SD crossover and it feels a bit wierd, but cool. Anyway,

I recently was thinkling chole might like Cowboy Mouth, but I didn’t bring it up, simply because She didn’t know who Joe Strummer was. :smiley:

Really. I just called and asked her. Cause it’s less funny if it’s untrue.