Music Recording Software?

I’m looking for some decent (preferably cheap) music recording software. I have some records I’d like to burn to CD, and a cable to send my stereo’s output to my computer’s input (microphone jack), but no decent software to use. The “Sound Recorder” program that comes with Windows is simply inadequate (you have to press “record” every 60 seconds, for example).

Any suggestions or thoughts? I’m using Windows XP…

Roxio’s Easy CD Recorder should do the trick. (Well, on the Mac side it would, I assume it’s the same on the PC side.), I think.

I usually go to ZDnet and try all the freeware that they have when I need something.
Here is a Windows search for “sound recorder

If you have the time you should try as many as you can. I like ZDnet for the descriptions/user reviews.

Try Audacity, a very good open-source audio recorder/editor.

There are hundreds of programs to rip them. Once they’re ripped, I strongly recommend Magix Audio Cleaning Lab for ‘polishing’ them, i.e. removing pops, scratches, hiss and other background noise. It’s user friendly and less than the cost of 2 new CDs.

I use Pinnacle Clean.

Record. Clean up scratches etc. Enhance. Split into tracks. The ‘Plus’ version comes with a pre-amp.