Music scene in Key West?

So Mrs. Devil and I are geting on a plane in a few hours for Key West. So far, we know we’re staying at the Marriott Beachside, and … and … and, well, that’s it. We haven’t even been to a tourist site or Googled a single thing.

We’ve never been to the Keys before and have no idea what to expect. We figure finding snorkelling, dolphin wrestling, paraflying, blah blah should be easy find—the hotel will likely be chock-a-block with recommendations. But music recommendations can be hit-or-miss and really depend on a person’s taste. So before we end up at a Lady GáGâ Karaoke fest, I figured I’d put it to the Dopers:

Anyone know where to catch live music in Key West? We’re heading to Fort Lauderdale for the weekend, so hoping a good bar or something will help us out. A concert would be fabulous, but hey, we’ll take what we can get.

Oh, taste-wise is fairly open. We find most pop music kind of dull (no offence to Lady G), heavily into jam/improv bands and the like, but that’s a gargantual swathe from funk to bluegrass.


(oh, if any musicians know of a drum circle or similar gathering, that would be fantastic!)

Legend has it that there’s a great bar called The Place that features live music and an incredible coffee machine. Prolly difficult to find, unless you really need to be there. The bartender’s name is Jake. He’s pretty cool.

Well, if you like rum there is a great bar- they have an upstairs roof bar with a live band and about 150 different rums, and a dude who is their rum specialist. They also have some excellent beers, and killer burgers. Parking on Duval is a pain in the rump, but Key West tends to concentrate the bar/food type entertainment along Duval so it is pretty easy to wander around listening and poking in where it looks and sounds interesting. The Tommy Bahama Rumologist is a bartender in yet another decent bar around the corner from The Rum Barrel but while I could find it in person, I can’t remember the name of the place but any bartender can probably point you his way.

Rent a scooter or golf cart to get around with, save your car!

Get yourself a Conch Republic passport.

And I wish you had asked for hotel suggestions, we love the Southwind, which is just off Duval, a 3 minute crawl from a phenomenal sushi/fusion place and is one of those updated old family motels from the 50s.

Sum Block, always remember your sun block!

For great music, I recommend The Green Parrot. Always fantastic bands, and as an added bonus, nary a spring breaker to be found.

This is the answer. Key West has a ton of Jimmy Buffet wannbe solo artists, but not as many full bands. The Green Parrot is the exception. It’s an awesome bar and they bring in some pretty good acts. I believe Cowboy Bill’s has bands, but I never cared for this bar. I’ve heard good things about a newish place called Smokin’ Tuna, but I’ve never been. If you decide you want more of a dance club thing, try the Groove Lounge at The Bottle Cap. If you want to listen to a dj while naked, check out The Garden of Eden. Check local fliers for concerts. Last 2 times we were there they had some pretty good reggae shows going on (Wailers, Yellowman).

Looks like you might be in town for the gay festival, Tropical Heat!