Music star biopics - who's next?

In the last couple of years we’ve seen “Ray” and "Walk the Line,” so who is the next big music star to get a biopic?

My guess:

Jimi Hendrix - His life story. Focus on his guitar playing and his drug taking. Throw in some weird mystical, hoo-doo voodo, hippie-dippie stuff (kind of like in "The Doors).
Title: “Kiss the Sky”

John Lennon - Starts with the famous sleep in (1968?) and goes through the last 12 years of his life. Focus on his relationship with Yoko, drugs (of course), his non-relationship with Julian, and the FBI investigation and his almost deportation. Title: “John” or “John and Yoko”

Marvin Gaye - His life story. Focus on his relationship with his father, women and, once again, drugs.
Title: “What’s Going On.”

They keep talking about doing one on Janis Joplin, but they can’t seem to find the right star.

I think the time is ripe for William H. Macy to star in Rhinestone Cowboy: the Glen Campbell Story.

From the site:

Sounds perfect to me. :smiley:

**Quentin Tarantino ** was recently rumored to be attached to the Jimi Hendrix biopic, but he denies any involvement.Cite

There is a Gaye biopic moving ahead w/ **Jesse L Martin ** (Law & Order, Rent) as Marvin Gaye. The working title is “Sexual Healing”. Cite

I’ve heard that **Don Cheadle ** is possibly going to play Miles Davis in an untitles biopic of the jazz legend. Cite

Andre “Andre 3000” Benjamin, the multitalented rapper/producer/actor from Outkast, has been attached to star in a Jimi Hendrix biopic for several years now. Apparently the Hendrix estate refuses to allow any of his songs to be used in such a movie, which rather defeats the purpose of making a Jimi Hendrix biopic, so things have stalled.

Rock Hudson.

Fatty Arbuckle. Back when Philip Seymor Hoffman was fat he’d have been perfect.

Rumor has it that an Iggy Pop biopic is in the works with Elijiah Wood as the lead.

I really hope this does not happen. But a film about Iggy or Joe Strummer would be nice.

I had no idea that either Rock or Fatty were music stars.

The AOL news seemed to have an item earlier today that said Jamie Foxx was going to play Bob Marley in a biopic. I didn’t read the piece, and I can’t find any other info on it right now. Not sure how I feel about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

If we’re modeling this speculation on Ray and Walk the Line (and studio heads would be modeling this speculation on Ray and Walk the Line) we need to show our hero hitting a low but then triumphing over his/her demons so we can have a Happy Ending.

Jimmy and Janis ain’t gonna fit in this model. (Stone’s Doors was a different kind of bio pic, and way before this current trend)

Using Ray and Walk the Line as a model, I’m gonna throw in Ozzy Osbourne as a possibility. The reality T.V. show already serves as sucessful test-marketing. People believe and like the Ozzy / Sharon love story- and we’d get to see her “save” him from his self-destructive ways. Throw in some cancer survival and we got a winner.

There’s a new documentary about Leonard Cohen that I’m looking forward to seeing.

They better change that title for the final product. It’s disastrous.