Music Visualizations (Winamp, Sonique, etc.)

What are the best visualizations, and where are the good sites to get them? I get most of mine from because usually the ones i find using search engines are a. crappy, b. dead links, or c. trojan carriers. I love visualizations because when the right music and the right effect sync up perfectly and you are totally focused on it - the experience is indescribably amazing. Last weekend a couple of friends of mine and i had the pleasure of munching some none-too tasty shrooms and chillin out in my best friends dope pad. we hooked the s-video out on his system to his 36" Sony XBR HDTV (1080 lines of res, baby) and watched visualizations to Brian Eno, DJ Shadow, Fila Brazilia, Howie B, K & D, L.S.G., Nightmares on Wax, Smith and Mighty, Thievery Corp, and dozens other amazing trip hop, electronic, D & B, and ambient artists. By the end of the night we all agreed that we had experienced these visualizations in a way we never had before but always dreamed of. Also, DVD’s on fast-foward with a cd that has a fast beat are amazing as well (i recommend Flash Gordon with Tabla Beat Science). We only had a crappy 8 meg ATI Rage Mobility graphics card but it was still more than i could have hoped for. When i save up enough for my Athalon, GeForce 2 Ultra (GeForce 3 by then?) system I’m certain our minds will be effectively blown out the back of our skulls. In this thread please share any experiences with visualizations you may have had and possibly which you use at what settings and on what system.

PIII 550, 128 SDRAM, Diamond Stealth III S540 16MB PCI OpenGL

G-Force 2.0
800 x 600 x 32
Just the Best- beautiful, amazing, and on-beat

WhiteCap 4.0
1024 x 768 x 32
Always meets or exceeds my expectations

Epica 2.0
1024 x 768 x 32
Looks fantastic at high res, but gets repetitive

Tripex 2
720 x 576 x 32
Some effects like “Meatballs” look incredible but others like “light tentacles” are too slow on my system to enjoy

Punkie 1.51
720 x 480 x 8
Superfast and smooth- really twists your brain if you let it

Mad Spin 1.2
640 x 480 x 32
When your brain is boiling at 106 degrees those sparkles go to a whole new level

Eonic 0.2
640 x 480 x 32
Pretty and runs reasonably well but repetitive

Acidspunk II
640 x 480 x 32
Oldschool vis and still good, but just cant compete with the new ones
I don’t use:

AVS- Time consuming and a pain in the ass

Space- weak, tacky effects

Winamp Goes 3D- buggy on my system

Winamp GL- buggy on my system and boring

Geiss- Outdated and overplayed- i’ve had geiss from way, way back