Music you listen(ed) too when high?

Less famous than Cypress Hill but runnin’ the same game:

Sorry, I don’t have much personal experience listening to music while high. But occasionally I’ll hear a song and think that it would be a good one to listen to while under the influence.

For example, I distinctly remember (though it was years ago) listening to the album Ten Songs by Adam Again, and upon hearing the Tenth Song, thinking, “Whoa! I bet that’d be really trippy if I was stoned. … Is that a weird thing to think about a song that’s about the crucifixion of Jesus?”

Pink Floyd is always a pretty good go to, really can’t go wrong there. One of These Days is of course a must. That and Great Gig in the Sky are the two I go for if I don’t have time to listen to a whole album.

But here’s a few I haven’t seen mentioned.

Most of the stuff off of Playing for Change, but a few favorites, The Weight, La Bamba, Groove in G, Celebration, and All Along the Watchtower.

Interesting music. My cat jumped up on my lap and started purring when I played it, so it’s possible she was into it. You have good instincts for a non-stoner.

Surprised no one has said Phish or Lotus or stuff like Kraftwerk yet.

I like a nice 1000 mg brownie during the football season but after the games this would do it for me. The visuals. Electronic music. Twins. Great set list.

Back in high school I liked to get my friends high and then make them listen to Coil:

A big nod to pretty much all of the above (particularly Firesign), but to add …

The Alan Parsons Project
Deep Forest

But I’m basically an old 60’s and 70’s classic R&R guy – then and still – with a heavy emphasis on the Grateful Dead :wink:

I never smoked much, but when I was high in other ways, I liked that good old standby, Pink Floyd. I could also chill to the soundtrack to Twin Peaks for hours. If I was getting too mellow, I’d switch it up with Black Sabbath or some other hard rock.

Had a tic for Fur Elise, too. I’d stop whatever I was doing and hunt up the LP, cassette, or CD.

What’s that?

Rock N Roll

God. :roll_eyes:

I should have figured that out.

Dr John - Gris-Gris, of course.

Come on, man- you know obscurity equals profundity in pop lyrics!

Even better, the “Live at Leeds” version.

I have a voracious musical appetite and will listen to anything once but these bands seem to fit the OP in my opinion at this exact second



Monster Magnet

Oresund Space Collective



Butthole Surfers

White Zombie

Wooden Shjips


On a side note, the other day I had chance encounters with two different people who out of the blue told me they saw Jimi Hendrix while tripping on acid. One guy said he saw Hendrix at Winterland and the other said he saw him at Berkeley Community Theater. Judging from their general demeanor and speech patterns I believed both of them, but I suppose they might have dropped a tab or two and hallucinated while listening to the live albums that were recorded at those particular venues.

But, judging from the Avatar, your preferred Cat.

There is quite some competition here in this thread but Seventh Wave* fulfils the criteria suggested by the OP. For me, anyway.

*Mid 1970s British exponents of psychedelic rock.

I’ve never took anything stronger than weed (and am afraid of it), but when I’m stoned , every music sounds just a tad better than normally, and I can enjoy it even better. Same goes for films and books. That doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy these things when sober, but weed is just a little amplifier for my cultural needs. But sure, there is music that’s especially good after having smoked, especially trip hop for me. Some suggestions:

Aaaaand Pink Floyd :wink:.