Musical Notation: How Do I Make Superscript, Flats and Sharps (symbols) In Discourse?

Title says it all. Is this possible in Discourse?

Example: E flat min 7 (e flat -7) or Eo7

Not the best answer by any means, but this might help a little:

You can do superscripts using the <sup> and </sup> tags.

I don’t know specifically about the sharp and flat symbols, but I would imagine that they’re in Unicode somewhere, so if you do get them (possibly by copying and pasting from somewhere else), they should show up on any remotely modern web browser.

OK, I searched them up under “emoji and symbols” on my computer (I think Windows uses the name “special characters”):


I found the Unicode symbols for flats and sharps, but how do I type them into a post?

Using your operating system’s special characters window. Or copy and paste them from elsewhere. If there’s a quick and easy keyboard shortcut, I don’t know it.

Those are my go-to websites when in typographical need:

For subscript, <sub> and </sub> work just as fine as <sup> and </sup> work for superscript.
What I would like to know is how to make the letters in colours.

There’s no direct way to put letters in color. You can do it indirectly through MathML, which approximates LaTeX, but that has a lot of side effects.

F♯-7 ♭5

A-7 ♭9


Okay, I think I’ve got it now.

I thought I had to somehow type the actual codes into a post.

Alas, since we moved to Discourse, there is no more opportunity for @The_Grapist.

That is a pity! I would have like to write rainbow in seven colours, one for each letter. Childish, I know, but still.

\color{red}{\text {r}}\color{orange}{\text {a}}\color{yellow}{\text {i}}\color{green}{\text {n}}\color{blue}{\text {b}}\color{indigo}{\text {o}}\color{violet}{\text {w}}

Hmm… I thought you would be able to just quote that to see how to do it but quoting removes all of the color formatting.

This is how you do it:
$\color{red}{\text {r}}\color{orange}{\text {a}}\color{yellow}{\text {i}}\color{green}{\text {n}}\color{blue}{\text {b}}\color{indigo}{\text {o}}\color{violet}{\text {w}}$

It’s so simple!!!


That’s what I do for any special symbol. I just look them up on a website, then copy and paste.

Like my old buddy the pilcrow!

If you hit reply, then the “quote whole post” button, it includes the formatting codes.

I never noticed that. Thanks!

Was there any resolution of the LaTex issue ? That would work for music notation also :
$\sharp$ $\flat$
\sharp \flat
^those should be on the same line !

I haven’t heard anything, and I didn’t see anything in the release notes that would obviously cause the difference. It might just be that the developers included a later version of MathJax in one of the recent updates.

\sharp \flat

$\sharp \flat$ works.