Musical performances that ruined another

In the spirit of this thread, I give you musical performances that ruined another.

I really liked Nightengale, by Saves the Day, when it first came out. A perfectly sweet pop-punk ballad.

But then Saves the Day put out an outtake/compilation album containing a live (electrified) version of their previously acoustic Jessie and my Whetstone. A bit earlier, Dashboard Confessional changed their musical style to include more electric stuff and at the same time “electrify” their previous acoustic stuff.

While Scott Schoenbeck isn’t the worst bassist (his downbeat yet loud playing was perfect for the “sloppy punk” pretensions of the Very Emergency album, for instance,) and he and the guitarist do as good a job as possible at electrifying Dashboard’s acoustic songs, the end result just sound unnatural.

And worst of all, when I heard Nightengale, for some reason, I hear the pointlessly-droning amped up background guitars of Saves the Day and Dashboard’s electrified songs. Even though Nightengale was never acoustic :mad:.

Bump - you all are so lucky that no songs have ever ruined other songs for you :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if this is an example of what you’re looking for, but Sting’s a capella renditions of Police songs at the first Live-Aid concert ruined for me any enjoyment I used to get from those songs.

I have a pretty good example of this happening to me.

About 7-8 summers ago I went to Humble and Fred Fest in Toronto. The last 2 bands of the night were supposed to be The Headstones and Big Sugar. The Headstones didn’t show up, so Big Sugar played a very long set.

I was really into Big Sugar at the time, so when they went on I was ready, front row centre. The whole show was amazing. At the time it was easily the best concert I had ever been to.

After that, I couldn’t really listen to any of their CDs anymore. They just were not as good. I’ve probably only listened to them a few times since. I did see Big Sugar again during their break-up tour a couple of years ago, but it wasn’t the same.