"Musical" Roads and the Feasibility Thereof

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I prefer thismusical road.

There are a couple of places in Japan that have musical roads, which is probably where Honda got the idea. Here, grooves are actually made in the asphalt, as you can see at the end of this Japanese tv programme. The musical roads here aren’t for publicity, rather, I hear they’re an attempt at controlling driving speed. People will tend to drive at a speed that “sounds right”. Some roads, in more mountainous regions, just play a continuous tone before curves as a warning. I can vouch that the sound and the vibration does make you want to slow down a bit.

I did say by the looks of this, not the sound of it :wink:

That would make sense - there’s a not-entirely-dissimilar technique used on some British roads, where a major highway approaches a junction, with parallel yellow lines across the road, at decreasing intervals. Both the visual effect and the (probably deliberate) audible and physical feel of crossing each line gives the impression of acceleration, encouraging the opposite.

Yeah - the rhythm is OK, and the pitch rises / falls when it’s supposed to, but it definitely doesn’t rise / fall as much as it should to be “in tune”. Sounds almost like a parody of the real tune.