Musical sign of impending dotage

So my husband turns to me from the paper he’s reading and says: “Hey, Aerosmith is playing at Jones Beach. Wanna go?”

I think about if for a moment and say. “But all those kids! Screaming. In a concert. Drinking. And screaming.”
“Yeah you’re right.” He answers. A few minutes later he says: Oooh! The Edgar Winter Band." And I say, “Yeah!”

At least it wasn’t Lawence Welk.

I saw Billy Idol in The Wedding Singer and I almost cried. Maurice White has MS and Joey Ramone is dead. Run and DMC are having some sort of corporate war with each other.

Personal DC players? Why when I was young, we played scratchy vinyl records one song at a time on a turntable. And we liked it!

You had a turntable?
I believe what I had was called a ‘Victrola’ :smiley:


Well, I went to see Edgar Winter.

No, not this tour.

Back when I was a screaming teenager.!

Thank you very much for making me feel older than dirt.

Think I’ll drag my creaking bones off to the cemetary and start looking for a nice spot…

Who’s Edgar Winter? :wink:

I second bunnicula: who’s this Edgar Winter? Never heard of him. Sorry.


ps- Enjoy your senility. :wink:

My one hundreth post! Woo-hoo! Do I get a metal or a prize or something?


I had one of those just last week.

Mrs Chance has, of late, been into country (God help me) and wants me to take her to the WMZQ Country Music Festival. I myself have been agitating for the WHFStival, the big alt-rock fest in DC.

So I start looking over the line ups and I realize that I know more artists at the country show than the alt show.

I think I have to turn in most of my CDs now.


This is why I listen to classical.

As of 1:06 pm EDT, Wolfgang Amadeus etc. Mozart is still dead. And I don’t feel so old because of it.

[sub]Okay, I would like to see Edgar in concert, though. Sigh.[/sub]

I like going to concerts where the artist hasn’t released anything lately and, as a result, doesn’t turn up on Top 40 radio. Discourages the teeny-boppers.

The last concerts I went to, in reverse chronological order:

Pat Benatar
Survivor, REO Speedwagon, and Styx
Foreigner and Journey
Queensryche (this was July of 97)
Pat Benatar with Styx

Nobody really current. I can’t bear the thought of attending a concert that involves a mosh pit. Here’s a confession, though - I’ve seen Styx twice (first time, Dennis DeYoung was still with them). I don’t really even like them.

Who remembers Andy Gibb? There’s one to make me feel old.

An Edgar Winter Primer. Some fans are quite obssesive.