Musicians, who is more talented than you first realized?

Back when it was all you could download for ten bucks a month, while looking for stuff for my husband, I got some Roy Clark songs recorded long ago, including Under the Double Eagle. Wow. He goes over the tune, then revisits it with more and more ornamentation until he is playing faster than I believed possible. The there was his rendition of The Great Pretender. Amazing and funny. Now, I just bought an album of his. I am really impressed with his talent and his muic and his patter is good too. I never realized that he was anything other than run of the mill. I now think he is anything but.

What artists did you find have more talent than you realized at first?

Jack White

And Roy Clark is a guitar great.

The Beastie Boys. Loudmouth pranksters, right? Well, their instrumentals blow me away.

Who is Jack White?

Of the White Stripes. Just produced the best album in Country Music History.

Or pretty damned close to it, anyway. To say nothing of the fact that the last three White Stripes albums were each one of the best albums in their respective years of release. And he wrote and performed a good chunk of the ‘Cold Mountain’ soundtrack. So far he’s shown that he can do superlative blues, hard rock, country, bluegrass, and pretty much anything else he sets his mind to. He’s also perhaps the best live performer I’ve seen EVER. He’s just electric on stage. If you get a chance to download some videos, I highly recommend the White Stripes’ version of ‘Jolene’ on the Conan show last year, and their performance of Seven Nation Army/Death Letter on last year’s academy awards.

Jack White is the first musical prodigy/superstar of the 21st century. And when I first saw him, I thought he was just another poser with a gimmick. Boy, was I wrong.

Puts on a hell of show at Branson, too. He performed some of his classics, which were fantastic. But he’d recently been to Russia, and so he also did some Russian instrumentals, which were awesome!

I listened to some samples from itunes and bought some that sounded awsome. The album is from 2000. I am impressed, he has not lost his touch. I do like his voice too.

Any more recent musicians that have talent?