Muslim prayer for peace in a Madrid condolence post? Inappropriate?

It strikes me as not right somehow. I know that 99.99% of Muslims are peace loving and have nothing to do with terrorism, but still.

If there was a Christian atrocity that left 200 Muslims dead, would you post the Lords prayer in a condolences thread on a, mostly, Muslim board?

the thread

I don’t think it’s inappropriate at all. I think it’s a lovely gesture.

Especially considering that the poster whose prayer you linked to has a line from a Hindu prayer in his/her sig.; perhaps the wording of that prayer seemed particularly appropriate to this tragedy.

In any case, Islamic canon holds that Allah is the God of the Israelites and the Christians- fellow “Peoples of the Book”.

Oh, and what makes you think all the people who use public transport in Madrid are Christians?

How can a prayer for peace be inappropriate?

The only way it could be ‘inappropriate’ is if you somehow feel that all Muslims should share the guilt of the bombers.

legion: If there was a Christian atrocity that left 200 Muslims dead […]

But the terrorist attack in Spain was not a “Muslim atrocity”. It was an Islamist-extremist terrorist atrocity.

I think a Muslim prayer for peace is especially appropriate in this context, since it highlights the fact that Islamist-extremist terrorists do not speak for Islam as a whole (even if they try to pretend they do), and that the vast majority of Muslims repudiate their actions.

(nitpick: There’s no reason to assume that all the victims of the Madrid bombings were Christians. Spain’s population is only about 2/3 Christian, and its half-million Muslims make up over 1% of the population. It’s very likely that some of the Madrid victims, like some of the victims of the 9/11 attacks, were themselves Muslim. Al-Qaeda has certainly shown no compunction in the past about blowing up their co-religionists along with members of other faiths.)

I think it’s a lovely gesture.

I also think it’s extremely important for Muslims to be able to show that their religion does not define them as terror-supporters. And for non-Muslims to recognise this.

If you want to be really picky about it, we don’t even know for sure that the bombing was done by Islamic terrorists. Many of the signs point that way, but there’s also reason to suspect Basque separatists.

And if that was the case (since we don’t know, but hey, it MUST be Islamic Terrorists, right?) it is an even more altruistic gesture.

What absolute crap.

It is a beautiful gesture and one that publically defies the extremist proponents of the religion.

I think you need to reconsider your attitude to Muslims.

It seems a neat little Catch-22 to me. You see, if there weren’t a Muslim prayer for peace in the thread, some people would say Muslims must support the bombing because they didn’t show sympathy.


Seems fine to me. As long as the prayer for peace isn’t followed up with “If you bastards had just converted a little sooner…” I think it’s a very positive gesture.

Lordy, where to start?

But still what? 99.99% of people are peace loving, but is it really right that they still make comments on this? Many people’s from the Basque country have also plenty to say on ETA’s supposed actions. Are they allowed?

What makes this a Muslim atrocity? Do you know facts the Spanish governemnt doesn’t? And what figures do you have that defines the religious beliefs of the dead?

Where does ‘Ragsman’ state its religious affiliation? When did they survey their membership’s religious beliefs? It appears to be chiefly associated with Chess, a game originally from India or thereabouts. Why should it therefore have a religious position centring around Christianity?

So many erroneous and unfounded assumptions in such a short post.

I know of an action – mostly by men and women saying they are Christians and representing a nation which is about 80% Christian – which has killed unknown thousands of Moslems in the last year. I offer a prayer for these Moslems, and others, to the spirit of God who is also sometimes known as Allah. Sometimes I post a prayer so that others will know and be comforted. If they are not comforted, I have done my best.

How about the attrocities committed against Muslims in the former Yugoslavia? Are Christians allowed to pray for those victims.

The OP is way off base here.

Personally, I can’t think of a possible reason to criticize this gesture. I have a much bigger problem with those Muslim religious leaders (a limited number among the US and Europe, though not as small as I’d like, by far) who meet radical Islamic terrorism with either silence or only lukewarm, cursory condemnation.

Actually, I think it’s very important if we are seeing the beginnings of public condemnation by Muslims of the terrorists purporting to represent their whole religion. Every time, after a “Muslim” attrocity is commited (please note quotes before flaming), we have a host of people asking “well, if these loons don’t represent the Average Muslim Joe-in-the-Street, where are the dissenting voices? Where are the condemnations?” So - here is a dissenting voice. Cherish it. Hope that more and more will come!

Absolutely. Well, actually not, since I’m not Christian- but you get the idea :slight_smile:


Which religious group bears responsibility for the OK City bombing?

Timmy was agnostic.

A “Me Too” post - I cannot see why it should be considered inappropriate at all, and, as others have, said, it is actually a very good thing, perhaps of value in showing anyone who needs to be told that “Moslem” is NOT the same as “terrorist”.
And I don’t know the figures for Madrid, but I can be very sure that any bombing in my own city that attacked the public transport system would be killing and injuring peoplle from a variety of religious affiliation, and, of course, of none: in no way would be be killing 200 Christians.