Muslims defend Christians

Do we really need proof that most Muslims are ordinary decent people?



No, we don’t (or at least shouldn’t) need proof, but speaking as a Muslim, that’s great to see. Thanks for sharing it.

Those aren’t ordinary people. They’re extraordinary people. That’s an awesome story.

Times like this, we need an Anti-Pit forum. That’s extraordinary bravery in the face of terrorism.

Meanwhile, in London, hundreds of Muslims protest against terrorism and no-one notices.

I don’t mean to dismiss the possibility of media bias, but there are other potential reasons for a lack of coverage. There’s a tweet cited in the article:

For one thing, this gathering is an annual observance, the oldest annual Muslim event in London according to the article. IOW, they didn’t gather to condemn terrorism, they gathered for a religious event, and the protest was an appendix to it. It’s not clear whether the organizers made an effort to alert the press that this year’s Arba’een gathering was going to include a protest; if the media was unaware that this was NOT just another religious gathering, that might account at least in part for the unsatisfactory level of coverage.

And FWIW, in a city with about 1 million Muslims, an anti-terror protest garnering “hundreds” of attendees isn’t exactly an inspiring show of force. Given Islam’s public image problem, this event was a great opportunity to overwhelm the non-Islamic public with an absolutely massive number of attendees protesting against terrorism; the fact that only hundreds participated in the protest is a sign of either poor organizing, or a genuine lack of support for their message among the wider Muslim population of London. Things look a little better when you realize that this was a sunni Muslim event, and that the sunnis are only about 10-15% of the Muslim population, but even with that…hundreds? Out of 100,000-150,000? :confused:

And this bus just happened to be the one packed with a bunch of extraordinary Muslims? I prefer to think that they were ordinary Muslims, which actually makes this story more awesome.

The incident described in the OP is heartening.

However, saying that “most” people in any particular group behave decently is besides the point, as that applies to virtually any group you could name.* It’s how the rest of the group reacts to the sleazebags in its midst that counts.

*exceptions include lawyers and developers.

It’s about time they started getting some positive press coverage.

Refusing (under threat of death) to abandon a group to slaughter like that is beyond decent; it is extraordinary, for any group. Contrast that incident with the École Polytechnique Massacre:

For most individuals, a willingness to lay one’s life on the line is usually reserved for family members rather than total strangers.