Muslims to Wikipedia: get rid of Mohammad pics!

Ah, they’re at it again…

Wiki talk: Muhammad/images

Information Week article

My opinion: they need to get their own on-line 'pedia.

I like how the link in the article goes to the petition site…

That has the offending picture at the top with a big red line through it.

How do they feel about this page?

My opinion? This is a disguised pitting.
Moving thread from IMHO to The BBQ Pit.

Sorry. I was more taken aback than angered by this story–that’s why I posted it in IMHO. (plus I don’t have the chops to hang in GD)

I notice that the discussion on the talk page for the cartoon sort of tails off at the end of January. A week later the complaints start on the talk page for the image. Certainly a coincidence, I’m sure.

Why can’t people just treat Muslims with the same respect that Christians enjoy on the SDMB?

Jesus is a cocksucker.

Feel better?

…or white trash, or Libertarians…

Is it dizzy up on that cross, oh Master Martyr?

This is offensive to my religion, and no one should be allowed to say or see this. Mods, get rid of this post!

Some of the comments on the online petition are kinda funny …

Actually, even though I’m a pretty rabid atheist most of the time, I DID find it offensive despite the apparent insincerity of the quoted post.

Nah, it’s generally accepted as fact that Jesus was a tiger in bed.

Reading the Wikipedia talk page I am struck with how relatively civilized the discussion is. I have seen worse in other Wikipedia discussions.

Way to miss Liberal’s joke people. Personally I originally found it kind of funny but seeing how moronic everyone else was in there response to it, it got funnier.

But I must point out that kambuckta is a fucking fraud as far as “rabid atheist” goes. Fuck, I hate the candy-asses.

I’m an atheist, not an arsehole.

I respect everyones right to hold whatever beliefs they do, regardless that they accord with mine. However, when shitheads make gratuitous comments like, ‘Jesus is a cocksucker’ that are designed to rile Christian sensibilities…I just wanted to point out that, even though I do not believe that Jesus was a divine being, such comments are offensive because of their very nature, OK?

Now just fuck off and die, cunt…is that better CarnalK??

I completely agree Tschild … the discussion was at times an interesting read …

Yeah, I figure that fits the word “rabid” a lot better.

eta: though I still think you’re unfit to represent rabid atheists.

I only froth at the mouth when theists (and atheists) give me the utter shits and try to ram their beliefs down my throat (hence the froth and gurgling). Otherwise, I’m more than happy to listen to and consider all the spiritual bents that human beings take on in their lifetimes. It makes them happy and contented, and I’m happy to share their happiness even if I don’t happen to believe in their particular fairytale/s. It doesn’t hurt me if they believe, but it does hurt THEM if I denigrate their belief system. And I have no reason to do that…unlike you CarnalK, who likes to shit on everything just for the giggles.

I used to reserve the phrase, ‘Whatever rocks your boat’ for folks who believed in deities and stuff, but now I need to add it to fucks like CarnalK

Well then don’t call yourself rabid, jackass. Simple as that, ffs. And quite honestly, I can’t even work up anger against a guy who “reserves” such a goddamn candy ass phrase.

Fine, you seem like a nice enough guy, so call yourself whatever kind of atheist you want. But for what it’s worth, I barely consider myself a rabid atheist so you can see how I might be grudging in granting you that title.

Rabid atheist or not, at least you’re both spelling the goddamned word correctly.