By this time next week, I could be out of work again. In an impressive show of solidarity, the sales staff at my dealership is staging a protest against management’s arrogance.

This has been an extremely poor sales year for RVs. Now, when sales are starting to pick up, the owner (who makes no attempt to conceal his contempt for the sales personnel who make his money for him) has decided to schedule training for this week.

Well, okay, that’s his perogative as the owner. Problem is, they chose to tell us on Saturday that everyones’ work schedule is going to be completely changed around this week to accommodate the training. This type of short notice to a work schedule change is against state law. If we allow this to happen without protest, we may as well just bend over and let them drive a 40’ Bounder up our asses.

So in an ad hoc sales meeting yesterday, we all agreed to come in at our regular time - 9:30 vs 7:00 (hizzle please) - and take our regular days off. This could very easily result in mass firings and a resulting lawsuit against the dealership, which in turn will reveal the financial shenanigans going on internally (so I’m told).

This mutiny is going to seriously piss off the owner, who pays this consultant an obscene amount of money for this training, and who has (according to some) arranged this training to accommodate the trainer’s salmon fishing trip with his son.

It could get ugly by the end of the week.

It takes serious balls to stand up to the Captain Bligh’s. If the Boss gets the message YAY, chances are he won’t but you will be better off for it if you get canned.
Good Luck with the Mutiny I am now thinking you look like Errol Flynn or Mel Gibson. w00t!

Yeah, just imagine Mel as an overweight, middle-aged, grey-haired guy with a beard and we’re practically twins!

If they fire you, steal an RV and visit all the dopers around the country. I’ll even put some hotdogs on the grill for you, if you stop by.

Remember to film the entire escapade in the RV!

If he fires you, it’s Lawyerin’ time. And while he might be able to hire a more expensive lawyer, you’ve got the sympathy angle all the way. Plus, make sure to hit him up for emotional abuse or some other rubbish. That’ll make him desperate while he’s losing money hand over foot.