MXC - anyone else like this show?

Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (aka MXC)…Spike network Thursday nights

I think this show is a riot. I’ve been watching it on and off for about two years and I still love it. I cant beleive its not a Nation sensation.

I dont know anybody else that watches it though. Am I completely retarded and stuck in middle-aged adolescence?

Favorite events:
Rotating Surf Board of Death
Log Drop
Sinkers and Floaters

Favorite Episode:
Porn Industry vs. Construction Industry

Favorite Character:
who else…Kenny Blankenship

One of my favorites.

Every so often, I’ll respond to someone by saying, <Vic Romano voice>“Indeed, Kenny”</Vic Romano voice>. Most of the time they just look at me oddly while I chuckle to myself.

This show puts me in (figurative) stitches and (literal) tears every time I see it.

Right you are Ken.

I kid.

I love the show. Absolutely hilarious.

One of two shows I watch on Spike TV. (The other being Hey! Spring of Trivia, oddly enough.) In addition to all the bad puns and juvenile humor, I’m kind of amused that the bad dubbing job is still so much better than the dubbing on a lot of anime. They have one woman doing all the female voices! Yet that (and the accents) only adds to its charm.

I can’t help but feel I’m missing something, though. Why “Babbaganush”?

The whole Evil Captor family loves it. It has made the terms “He’s going into a Scary Uncle” and “Full Willing Participant” part of our houseold vocabulary. Also “Right you are, Ken.”

“Babbaganush” I believe is a term used by Jewish humorists from time immemorial, or the 50s, whichever comes first. I’m bettin’ it’s Yiddish, or Yiddish-like in some way.

Baba ganoush is actually a middle eastern dish made from eggplant. Why they use it in every episode of MXC, I don’t know. Maybe they just think it sounds funny.

Love it.
Sinkers and Floaters,
Rotating surfboard of death
Dash to Death
Log drop
are my favorite events.

That show has had me and my sister in hysterics quite a few times. I love that show. :slight_smile:

Love it. :slight_smile:

What surprises me is how often Guy LeDouche’s lines could ACTUALLY BE WHAT HE’S SAYING.

I could swear I’ve heard it used before in a humorous context? Maybe … Rocky and Bullwinkle?

The first time I saw this show was accidental. It was a marathon that I stumbled on while surfing channels.

I literally rolled on the floor laughing through four episodes.

I love the glee of the contestants, right to the final splat.

I love it. It is the ultimate in dumb entertainment, the show to watch when you have used your brain all day and don’t want to bother with rational thought anymore.

Plus, I think the whole ‘running into doors’ event is perfect physical comedy. It’s funny to watch humans act like june bugs.

From 22 Short Films About Springfield

Lisa: I’ve [still] got gum in my hair.
Marge: Oh, we’ve tried everything: olive oil, lemon juice, tartar sauce, chocolate syrup, gravy, bacon fat, hummus and baba ganoush…
Lisa: My scalp hurts from horsefly bites.

More from me: one of my favorite games is what MXC calls the Clear Sphere of Fear. Contestants are put into a plastic ball and rolled down a pachinko-type course full of bumps and posts, and must maneuver themselves past a group of boxes to the finish.

Why? WHY would someone agree to go through that???

Right you are, Derleth.

MXC was totally a pre-party show. It was on at the perfect time (9 PM on Fridays) and although it was hilarous sober, 6 half-drunk college guys going MST3K on it made it classic.


I loved it when it started last year. But then it was so long until the next season that I kind of lost interest and haven’t really watched much since.

I did a quick Google search and it shows up in a lot of comedy contexts. I suspect that it gets used a lot because the sound of the name itself is humorous … like “Albuquerque” or “Uvula” or “gorgonzola.”

Or “Mukluk”. You like that one, “Mukluk”? I’m giving you that one for free. “Mukluk.”