My 1099 isn't right, I think

OK for December, January and February, I worked at a small company.

They decided to not withhold and basically hired me as a consultant.

They paid me 5K a month.

My 1099 for 2006 however shows $7,500. I doubled checked and I only received 5k in ‘06. When I asked about this they replied that the check, which I didn’t’ get until January, was actually cut in '06. They then added that some of the work for the check I got in January was for work done in '06.

This doesn’t seem right to me. If I didn’t get the check in '06, I don’t think it should be included in my income for '06.

Am I right?

What was the date on the check? That’s what’s in their computer. If the check date is 06, you’re probably fine and there’s not much point in arguing it becuase it would be a lot of work on their end to change things around. If the check is dated '07 I’d make them re-issue a correct 1099. If they refuse I’d go over their heads and talk to their accountant. I’d be very worried that you’ll wind up with a 1099 in '07 for $2500 (or $2500 over if you still do work for them).

Do you still have pay/check stubs from them. If you do, make sure you keep them for a few years in case it comes back to haunt you. If you don’t you may want to ask them for new stubs to keep with your records.

I’ll have to look, I’m not sure. I know what dates I made the deposits and I deposited my check the day I got them. I don’t think I ever checked the date on the check.