My 3 min pins 2 diabetic suddenly stopped eating

Our 3 min pins 2 being diabetic suddenly stopped eating.We feed them purina healthy weight recommended by our vet with a little Gravy train mixed in their dog food for flavor…They just went for their vet check a month ago and everything was fine.We have some changes going on but nothing drastic yet. We have tried everything and the only way to get them to eat something is by hand feeding them…Seeing the 2 have diabetes and I cannot give them their insulin unless they eat Im at a lost on what I can do. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do next?

  1. The thread is 4 years old

  2. Go back to your vet, a lot can change in a month.

Thank you, I didn’t realize this thread is that old.:slight_smile:

Or Great Dane does this when he becomes bored with his food. He’s really not a picky eater, but he certainly likes a rotation of his food.

My 12yo Jack Russel from the shelter gobbled up his Ol’ Roy wet* dog food twice a day from the day I got him until he got to about 12 and then refused to eat any of the flavors I had been giving him (I suspect there was a change in the formula which he didn’t like and that might be your problem, also). A check with the vet indicated that he was healthy so I began trying food after food only to see him ignore it and me feeling like I was somehow mis-treating him. I did finally fine a food that he will eat which is just ONE flavor out of the 20 or so that they make. In addition, I have been adding fresh cooked beef or hamburger with the food and top it with some shredded cheese.

These additions are not really necessary, but he has a tumor in one of his anal glands and I decided to feed him well during the last year or so he is going to be around.


*ETA: I have to feed him wet food because he has a history of bladder stones and I don’t want a reocurrance.