My 46 hours in Amsterdam *sad *

I have just returned home due to an unexpected death in the family, after spending exactly 46 hours in Amsterdam. I flew on 6 planes for a total of approx. 14,000 miles over an 80 hour period. I kept waiting for Phil from The Amazing Race to tell me where the required rest stop was. My brain is mush. I should have been more friendly with the A’dam dopers and gotten a local number or something, because I sure could have used a friend. I managed a trip to the Van Gogh museum and had a sad meal at Carousel de Pankuken. Most of the time I cried.

The Dutch people were lovely, as always. I hope I can return someday.

I have no more living family members. Such a hollow feeling.


I am so sorry. All good thoughts…

I am so sorry, good thoughts coming your way :frowning:

Do not stay home alone.
Go out & find a bar, or a coffee house, & be with people.
Any people.

I’m sorry to hear about your bad and sad trip.

It’s an odd feeling to be alone. I have no parents or grandparents, but I do (or did, anyway- never heard from him) have an uncle in some South American country somewhere. When my dad died, I thought “Well, that was the last person on the planet who cared about me.” It seemed stupid to think of myself as a 40 year old orphan, but that’s how it felt. Fortunately, I had a best friend who was someone I could really lean on back then.

Best Wishes!

My condolences on your loss. I hope you get to go back there under happier circumstances sometime.

Sorry to hear about your loss and the interruption of your stay. My condoleances.