My 4th Almost Ended With A Bang(neither mundane nor pointless)

I was having a wonderful 4th of July. We went to a local park to listen to the symphony and watch fireworks. Both were wonderful, thousands of my fellow Americans and I enjoying the show and each other. On the way home, however, some young people in another car decided they had a problem with my daughter’s friends. They threw change and a beer at the car we were in and then they flashed a gun! My grand-daughter was in the car with us! That’s when I made sure to get their license plate number. I’m not one to involve the police casually, but I had no problem calling them tonight. I am so glad that nobody got hurt. (I still had a great night, though!)


Glad you’re okay, and I hope the cops run those assholes down. I’m guessing they were probably drunk. If it’s any consolation, guys like that stand a fairly good chance of accidentally shooting themselves, sooner or later.

They’re not “young people.” They’re savages.

Throwing beer? Throwing change? Typical teenage mischief. I did worse, in my day.

Flashing a gun? That’s asking to be shot, plain and simple - around here, anyway. You do not brandish a gun - ever - unless your life is in danger and you need to use it. That is way beyond the boundaries of what’s acceptable. I don’t know where you live, but where I am, in southern Indiana, some punk pulls that shit, and they’re going to get it.

Keep us updated!

And here I thought you almost got lucky last night! sigh