My adult daughter is careless & brutal with electronics. What iPad case do I need to protect it?

My lovely daughter tends to be brutal with electronics and does not treat them with respect. She and my son have made good progress lately in becoming more responsible so I’m getting her and my adult son (he’s OK with electronics) a full size iPad Air to share (they live with their mom) since I think they need to be familiar with tablets as they are becoming an essential work tool in may areas.

If you had a gorilla handling your iPad Air what case is best?

She’s an adult. Why is her father taking responsibility here?

Get an Otterbox. I have my iPad Mini in an Otterbox, and it’s paid for itself several times over. They are pricey, but you can sometimes pick them up for less on eBay.

Yea, they key word is “adult”. If she breaks her own stuff, let her buy a new one. Best way to learn not to do that.

astro asked for advice on iPad cases, and is getting parenting lectures instead. Nice. The SDMB never disappoints.

You can band-aid the problem, or fix what is really wrong.

There are always ways to trash nice things. What if she runs the now-protected item over with her car, or drops in in a lake. It’ll be nice and dry on the bottom.

My 7-year-old has a tablet in a Otterbox. I second the Otterbox. You can do pretty much anything short of running over it with a car, and it protects the tablet. It’s also light enough for a 7-year-old to handle.

But yeah, are these adults college students? I can see getting them something in that case, or are they twins with a birthday coming up? I mean, I’m not opposed to parents giving adult children gifts-- my mother likes to shop, so she still gives me fairly extravagant gifts for my birthday and holidays, but not randomly. When I was in college, my parents did give me stuff sometimes, though.

we use gumdrop cases - the drop tech ones.

He didn’t just ask about “advice for iPad cases”. He gave a bunch of back-story, including in the thread title, about how his adult daughter is “careless and brutal” with electronics and what does HE need to protect the devices in question. His words. And he asked it in IMHO. So of course he’s going to get parenting lectures. Duh.

If he simply wanted factual answers, he would have asked a simple factual question in GQ, without the backstory. He’s been here long enough to understand what questions go where but he chose IMHO. And that is what he is getting. Opinions. Which is the title and raison d’etre of this forum.

Here you are, ** astro**!

I’m an adult who’s hopelessly brutal with electronics (My last laptop mysteriously managed to live seven years of hard time, but when we replaced it my IT husband insisted on swapping the hard drive for a solid state practically before putting it in my hands). I keep my smartphone in an otterbox case and I can attest that their products are perfect for someone like me.

I’m happy with the Otter Box. I haven’t really put it to the test yet, I’m pretty gentle with my electronics.

I like the leather ones that they sell at Amazon, especially since they come in a bunch of different colors. I ordered a different bright color for each of us, and not only can you distinguish them from each other, but you can find them easily on a desk or bed. I used to have a black one and it blended in too easily.

I use an Otterbox for my iPhone, and it’s pretty heavy. I can’t imagine how heavy it would be for an ipad, but no doubt it’ll protect it well.

Another vote for an Otterbox case. I’m not rough with my electronics but I am clumsy, and until I started using Otterbox I had broken phones, tablets, you name it. Once I switched - no breakage.

He asked, specifically, “What iPad case do I need to protect it?” He also asked, “If you had a gorilla handling your iPad Air what case is best?”

Emphasis mine.

He did NOT ask “What parenting decisions should I make in order to reduce the likelihood of a broken iPad.” He did NOT ask “Should I make a financial contribution to the security of my children’s iPad?” His purchasing of an iPad case is, for the purpose of this thread, a given. Therefore, telling him that he’s a crappy parent and shouldn’t be spending money on his adult kids is, for the purpose of this thread, a stupid hijack.

Yes, but there are different kinds of opinions.

The opinion that the OP is looking for is an opinion about which case provides the best protection for an iPad. The OP did not once ask for an opinion about his decision to spend money on his children.

I have phone, iPad, and iPod all otterboxed. I’m very careful with my electronics, but spend enough time near water to otterbox.