My Annual Mon-Sun Calender Rant

Jesus H. Christ! What is it about calendar companies that they have to put out calendars with the weeks running Monday to Sunday instead of Sunday to Saturday, like God intended?!?

I still have an elderly uncle and aunt or two stateside, and we always send them Thai-themed calendars about this time of year. It’s become harder and harder to find Sunday-to-Saturday ones. Some years, like this one, we have no choice but to send the inferior Monday-to-Sunday kind. The proper ones just can’t be found. Although if I wanted a calender of, say, fluffy kittens or Renoir paintings, sure, those run Sunday to Saturday.

And the normal Thai calendars, for your everyday Thai household and all with pictures of the king for every month that banks dole out for free around New Year’s, all have Sunday to Saturday, but those are rather boring compared with the tourist-oriented scenes-of-Thailand ones. So what is the deal with calendars running Monday to Sunday? I really hate that and simply cannot fathom how anyone could prefer those.


I hate that too and it’s caused major problems at work because the computer reservation software is Monday-Sunday and people have made big mistakes in the past.

But I really replied to ask about those “king of the month” calendars - are they, like, holiday themed? I mean, using the US analogy which I realize is inexact, is it like having a Barack Obama calendar where in May he has a crown of flowers on his head and in July he waves a flag and in August he’s at a grill with a hot dog on a fork and in December he has a Santa hat? Or is it just random pictures of the king doing his thing?

ETA - I learned very quickly to look for pictures of the king and queen of Thailand, because if you’re in a Thai restaurant where you cannot find such a thing you better turn around and walk out in a hurry, because it’s going to suck.

No, not at all. It’s either the same picture every month, or a different generic photo. Some are even the kind with one picture with the calendar part below, and you just tear off each month below it.

Sam, normally I love your posts and eagerly await the next instalment of Siam Sam’s Adventures In South-East Asia: In Colour!, but I have to disagree with you on this one.

Calendars should start on Monday. That’s the first day of the working week. You’ve got Monday to Friday of “week”, followed by Saturday and Sunday as the weekend- the END of the week.

Nothing business-related generally happens on Sundays (at least not here), most of the shops are closed, and it’s generally (IMHO) the worst day to be starting the week with.

Calendars that start on Sunday irritate me, in case you hadn’t guessed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, logically, that’s the way it should be . . . if we had never before encountered a calendar. But most of us have, and the ones we’ve encountered were always Sunday - Saturday. Now, if all calendar manufacturers changed at once, we’d get used to it. But they’re not doing that, and it’s confusing as hell to have to look at the column heading every single time, to ascertain the day of the week.

Except that that’s not true for some of us - I’ve never seen a Sunday-Saturday calendar before, and I suspect they are vanishingly rare in most of Europe. For the reasons Martini Enfield so capably outlined.

So, clearly the tourist calendars are aimed at us Europeans Siam Sam. Sorry about that.

Well, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a sunday-saturday calendar. I can see how it would be anoying to switch, I really wouldn’t be happy if I would’ve to star using a sunday-saturday calandar all of a sudden.

I received a really fucked-up calendar last year from an estate agent. Instead of rows of numbers running from left to right and top to bottom there are columns of numbers running from top to bottom and left to right. Whether it starts on Sunday or Monday is the least of its problems.

I’ve HAD it with these Monday to Sunday calendars!

My Annual Mon-Sun Calender Rant

I sounds like you have daily ranting covered for the year.

Monday to Sunday is best. Starting with Sunday is silly. Who ever started the week on a Sunday? It’s the last day, the lazy day to rest after a hard week.

I’ve never had a Sunday to Saturday calendar and if I had one I’d burn it because it’s worth more as kindling than as a calendar.

We have Saturday to Friday calendars in Yemen as both those days are the weekend. Talk about confusing.

Monday to Sunday is just WRONG, but this Yorkshire Dales calendar a British friend sent me is hopeless. It just lists the days in a long string under the pic. There are no heavier lines to demarcate weeks or anything. The numbers are tiny and in a light gray, so it’s damned hard to read at a glance.
I don’t mind military time. I have no problem in Europe with train schedules with departures like 1822 or 2314. And I have no quarrel with the way Europe and the world writes its dates (11/5/09 being the 11th of May)But this Monday-Sunday nonsense is anarchy. No wonder the world is in the state it’s in.

Monday-Sunday calendars are the great destroyer. They bring uncertainty and confusion to an already topsy-turvy world.

I mean, seriously, who is so in love with Monday that they want to see it in the most prominent position of the week, setting the tone for the whole week to follow? No thanks, I’ll start my week as it was meant to be started, with a relaxing, pleasant Sunday.

Hey, if we’re going to point fingers at the Europeans, I think it should be for their frankly baffling misuse of commas in place of decimal points.

I’m constantly amazed by how people try and argue that Monday isn’t the start of the week, in all honesty.

No, no no.

The week is a circle - you go round and round the same seven days. Where you “cut” the week to make a pretty linear arrangement is an arbitrary choice, but once you have made that choice, the day you choose to start the week is one end of the week.

So if you insist Monday is the first day of the week, that makes Monday one week-end (and Sunday the other).

Calendars should start on Sunday.

What? No it doesn’t.

The week, consisting of seven days, begins on Monday (Day One), and you’ve got Tuesday (Day Two), Wednesday (Day Three), Thursday (Day Four), Friday (Day Five), Saturday (Day Six) and Sunday (Day Seven). Which brings you to the end of the week, and it starts over again on Monday.

Try getting hold of a Government department or going into your bank or the Post Office on a Sunday and tell me that it’s the start of the week. It’s not. The week starts on Monday, you have five business days, then two days of the “weekend”, before the cycle repeats itself.

Well, that sucks. I would totally buy a “King of Thailand in a Santa hat” calendar.

No, no, no. Weeks are like pieces of string- they have two ends.

Just like the day starts at midnight, when not much is supposed to be going on, the week starts on Sunday, when not much is supposed to be going on.

My SO is Jewish and we send the kids to Temple for Wednesday Hebrew School and Sunday school. The Temple sends out this horrible schedule that not only lists the Hebrew months instead of the “standard” ones, but then moves Sunday to the end of the week. If they switched to metric time, I wouldn’t be surprised.