My apologies if this is personal for anyone, but "Rory" is a STUPID name!!

I’ll tell Rory Breaker you said that

Odd. Apparently it’s a name not fit for a dog.

It means “Red King” and it’s spelled " Ruaidhrí". It has no connection to Lorelei, but if I were named Lorelai, I’d rather be called Rory than Lorie.

No, the other one I was referring to is Rory Regan.

I’d make a good name for a lion, though.

The only “Rory” I know is a Ruaridh, so for simplicity’s sake, I have to say I’m fine with “Rory.”

It was the only name he could pronounce?

Yes, and Richard is originally German and William and Margaret were French. That wasn’t my point.

Ah, my mistake. It’s still a stupid name.

There was Rory Hayes, the underground comix artist from the 1970s, who died young from a drug overdose.

Many people called him a primitivist genius, but I always hated his work.

An admittedly small sample, but every single person named Rory that I have personally met has been a douche bag.

Rory Gallagher. Not stupid.

This is what I think of every time I hear the name Rory.

Rory McElroy sounds like the name of a comic book character.

Rory Storm and the Hurricanes.

I’m glad their drummer quit. He was really holding them back!

Alexis Bledel would like a word with you. :smiley:

I was unaware of that episode, so just a coincidence.

There are plenty of unfortunate names. Chauncy comes to mind.

Two distinguished men with that name are the martial arts philosopher Rory Miller and the late comic book store owner Rory Root.

“He isn’t even the best drummer in the Hurricanes”