"My bad" - phrase origin

I’ve only noticed “my bad” being used in the sense of "my mistake’ for the past year or two. It may have been in use for much longer, but since I don’t live in the U.S. I may have missed it.

Given that even Cecil is now using it, I’ve become curious about its origins.

A few questions:

How long has it been around?

What area/subculture did it originate in?

Was it popularized by a specific movie, TV show, or song?

Although it was around before then, I think the movie “Clueless” (in 1995) included it as a catch phrase that brought it to the general public. My guess is that it originated in urban English (ebonics).

I’d concur. I first ran into that phrase playing basketball as a youth with folks of all hues, circa 1987.

I remember first hearing it in early 90s West Coast rap, though I can’t think of a specific example at the moment.

I have used it for years. On fellow asked me if I played volleyball when he heard me say it once. It so happened I was a big volleyball freak at the time and Karch Kiraly was my hero. So of course I said “ummm yeah how’d you guess.” He said that term was used in volleyball but forgot where it originated specifically.

I always thought it was from the latin phrase “mea culpa” which was popularized in prayer, like this one.

(I will not make a Britney Spears joke. I will not.)

My friends and I used in the 7th grade (ca. 1976). We picked it up from the black guys in our school.

follow up question: How come nobody says “My good”? Just too humble, or what?