My balcony is a racing pitstop

…for birds. Racing pigeons, to be precise. A year ago last summer, I mentioned that a racing pigeon had made a pitstop on my balcony. I learned a lot about racing pigeons that day, most importantly how to identify the bands and use them to locate the owner, which was pretty cool, as she came by to collect the pigeon that night.

Well, it’s back. I don’t know if it’s the same one as I’m not at home right now, so I’m going by what my wife told me, but there’s another racing pigeon on my balcony right at this very moment. What’s more, it’s not the only repeat visit; this happened again many months ago, but it only hung around for an hour or two before taking off, so we didn’t get a chance to identify it – not that it became necessary at that point anyway.

I’ll see if the bird’s still there when I get home in a few hours. But if it’s the same bird it must have taken a shine to my balcony, or perhaps to me, because that’s three visits in the last year and change, where before that there were none.

I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t put out some seed or bread or whatever it is racing pigeons eat, just in case one drops by again.

I have this mental image of a pigeon with a racing stripe painted on it, a number on the side and sump’n like “Budweiser Racing” painted on the other side. :smiley:

It’s a bird. Birds eat seeds. I say put out some seed. Who knows, maybe you will become famous as a racing pigeon pitstop and racing pigeons from all around will visit you! You’ll be famous! Or at least annoy the neighbors what with a balcony full of pigeons and all. Either way, it’d be good, right?

Put out a dish of water as well.

If you are wanting them to come back, consider putting out a feeder. It looks like your balcony is enclosed (i.e., solid walls) so I recommend attaching it to the railing if you can (alternately place it on a tall table or box). Birds are very wary of landing on the floor of an enclosed balcony. Plus, being more visible will attract “fly-bys”.

The water dish suggestion is also good. Especially if you are in a dry climate, the water can often attract more birds than the feeder.

Good luck - and keep the pictures coming!

I hope you like birdshit, because they make a TON of it. I had a family of pigeons living in my eaves, and they made piles of it everywhere!

As an owner of a small flock of birds I’ve found ammonia-based window cleaner to be effective at removing birdshit, especially if used soon after deposition.