My bird does a lot of weird shit, but this takes the cake

Haven’t played my bass in a couple of years, but I keep it around, I keep promising myself that someday, I’ll play it again. I also still have my guitar stand. My cockatiel, Parker Yardbird, uses it as a perch. Fine, at least someone’s getting some use from it.

Here’s the thing. The stand has a little rubber dohickey that hooks around the neck of your guitar to keep it from falling over. One day last week, I discovered that Parker had discovered the dohickey and begun using it for his personal, um, pleasure. Yep, he had somehow gotten it up on to the top of the stand and he was humping the bejeebers out of it. I have tried shooing him away and pushing the dohickey so that it hangs down and out of harm’s way, but he grabs it and puts it back into the, um, desired position and hops on and begins to ride.

My bird masturbates with a device intended to keep my bass guitar from falling over and being damaged.

That is just too weird.

Um…I hope that when you finally do start playing again, you get a new stand. Ewwwww.

LOL…I have this mental image of a bird going at it with a guitar stand, and it seems pretty bizarre. Probably not as bizarre as the dreams I’m about ot have though…

Maybe your bird is lonely. Have you thought about getting a female bird?

My daughters had birds. The first bird we got was a parakeet, and the second one was a lovebird. We let them out of their cages at different times (when we lived in an apartment and had no cats) because we were afraid the larger lovebird might hurt the smaller parakeet.

The lovebird, during his time out of the cage, would always sit on top of the parakeet’s cage and stick his beak through the bars. At first we thought he was trying to hurt her. Eventually we discovered otherwise and let them out together.

They liked each other so much that we bought a larger cage for the two of them. They actually mated and she laid eggs (of course they were infertile)(and I also understand that she could have laid eggs without the male being present at all). But they groomed each other, sat together, and cooed at each other.

The lovebird was despondent when we had to have the parakeet euthanized (albino parakeets are apparently susceptible to cancer) but he never became attached to another bird, parakeet or lovebird.