My bladder is GPS equiped, or something.

OK, this may be really strange, and it may also be something that you don’t want to read. It’s about my bladder. More specifically, it is about my bladders tendency to empty itself upon entering my appartment. Not to worry, I have sufficient control over it to prevent any damage to the carpet.

Allow me to explain. When I leave work, I usually pay a visit to the mens room on my way out. Thus leaving with an empty bladder, I proceed on my 30 minute commute home. When I walk into my street and approach my house, I will without fail develop a strong urge to pee. My bladder is obviously NOT full, and the urge is the same if I skip the pee-on-the-way-out.

Nevertheless, I have to hurry up the stairs, frantically opening the three locks on my appartment door, only to quickly toss my coat and run to the loo. I then always pee about the same amount.

My bladder does not routinely do this when I arrive at work, or at a friends place, for example. So I’m guessing there’s some psychology involved here. You relax where you feel most at ease, thus inviting pee-urges?

Am I alone? Are there others out there? What causes this? Can we form a support group?

The mind boggles.

Could be a simple behavioral explanation. You have rewarded yourself for the sensation that you have to pee upon your arrival home every day by relieving your bladder and presumably, heaving that sigh of relief on the toilet that signals the end of the work day and the start of some serious power-lounging.

If you wanna wean yourself of it, try rewarding yourself for NOT going to the bathroom as soon as you get home… like, if you have to pee, you have to do the dishes as soon as you get out of the bathroom, but if you don’t pee for at least half an hour after getting home, you can leave the dishes for tomorrow (or the weekend, if you get very proficient at not-peeing).

My dog has an urge to pee on the same lamp-posts every day when I take him for a run. Does that count.

Do you think that maybe, despite your trip to the mens’ room at work, that you could be holding some pee in? (I don’t think it’s possible to accumulate much pee in just half an hour.) And secondly, is your job stressful?

If so, this is my line of thinking: because of the amount of stress in your job, you subconsciously are holding yourself back from doing any loosening-up, “release”-type behaviors, such as having a nice, good pee. Maybe staying just a little tense is good for performing well on stressful job. When you’re done with work, and you go to the mens’ room there, you’re actually still in work mode, and consequently, can’t get out all the pee. (It might just feel empty, but it’s really not.) But your commute home-- the 30 minutes it consumes, or even just the act of walking to your car, driving home, parking, and walking to your apartment-- puts you into a more relaxed state. Suddenly, your bladder realizes it’s not empty, thus explaining your need to pee again.

If this is the case, then the best solution is to try to reduce the amount of stress in your job. That may not be possible, but at least it will make for an interesting conversation with your boss. :smiley:

Coldfire, my brother! Rest assured, you are NOT alone!

I have the same problem/issue… during the day, regardless of the amount or type of beverage I consume, I may pee once or twice… but as soon as I get in the elevator in my home building… I have to pee!!! Sometimes it is a close race waiting for the elevator to reach my floor, for me to run to the door, get the key in the lock, and get inside to the bathroom!

So far, though, it is a race that I have always won!

I hadn’t thought about it, though, before I read your post, so I second Coldfire: WHY?

I read something about exactly this topic once ( once again I can’t remember where ) but anyway, what they said was you could have had to go to the bathroom for quite a while, but you’ll only start to feel the urge once you approach a place ( like home ) where you can relieve yourself. I’ve noticed the very same thing too. I can drive or take a bus for an hour and upon reaching my front door have to make a mad dash for the can, never having felt the need for that entire hour.

I had the same problem when I delivered newspapers as a boy, but I didn’t have a friend named Lou to pee on. :D:D

I think my wife has your behavior too. It’s invariably the first thing she does when we get home from anywhere.

I have no idea what this means, but…everytime I enter a library I have to pee. A lot. If I went in the parking lot before entering the building, I would ahve to go again once inside. This has been happening, without exception, for about 10 years! Weird.

Coldfire, as soon as I saw the title of this thread, I correctly guessed that we have the same problem. Except by me its only like 90% of the time, not 100%. I too had concluded the the evidence was overwhelming that there is a psychological cause.

AxeElf, Egad, et al, thanks for the ideas.

I have sort of the opposite problem-I have to pee before I leave the house-and in my case it is obviously behavioral. It is my habit to pee and brush my teeth anytime I go out of the house, even if I am just walking down the block to meet the afternoon schoolbus. As I prepare to leave I will get a sudden and intense need to use the bathroom and my teeth will suddenly feel mossy and gross. It doesn’t matter if I’ve done both those things in the last hour; I will need to do them again before I go out the door. It’s clearly only a habit, but it is a very strong one.

I don’t want to say “Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder,” but since I just did, you might want to talk to a counselor, Robin.

Any chance you have one last soda of the day, every day about half an hour before you leave for work? Or do you have most of a soda left at the end of the day and finish it off just before you leave?

Fear not. Though I teeter on the edge of OCD, I manage to keep it under control. You should meet my mom, though…

Well, I don’t have a compulsive need to pee when I get home, if I just went I don’t need to go again, but I can relate.

I’ll be getting in the car, and driving home from work, or a party, whatever and notice that I need to pee early on in the trip. Now, I’ll be thinking to myself that man, I might not make it home, but regardless if the trip’s 90 minutes, or 15 minutes I won’t feel the urge to pee get worse until I’m about 10 minutes from home. Its almost as if my bladder and kidneys know when relief is near and they switch out of the prevent defense. You’d think it’d get progressivly worse as time went on, but it doesn’t.

Now, I can only relate to the “I just peed but now I need to go again” conditioning in regards to just turning the shower on (not sure if its the fact that its my morning routine, or if its the running water) regardless of when or where I’m showering. Another less pleasant occurance is when I take a crap, regardless if I just made a trip to the head to piss and then notice theres more business to address, I’ll piss again when I have a seat.

I don’t know if the mechanisms are going to be the same here or not, but you get the idea.

brothers and sister in compulsive peeing, i feel your pain. i crap whenever i come home in the evening, whether from school, work, or anything else. yea, though i spend varying times out (whether working late or staying at school after class or even band practice when i was in high school), i shall crap exactly two minutes after i unlock my front door, regardless of coffee or bran intake.

i think it involves relaxing at home, like AudreyK and Egad suggested.

and sorry if i told you all more than you needed to know, but it seems like par for the thread.

Fear not also because that’s not OCD.

Except for me, its ten minutes, give or take a few minutes, until I have to pee. I have times this phenomanon, and it is always around ten minutes from when I walk in the door.

Coldfire the answer is simple…

You’re quadratic balance in your upper nucleus of your left arm has a simple nerve ending that pulses upon the smell or sight of familiarity such as your apartment. Simply all you must do to alleviate this problem is ice your left arm for 3 hours every day starting this monday. After a week of icing you should never have this urge again, enjoy the results!

CF, if you want you can get a Urine Analysis (UA). PRetty common & they only take a few minutes.

There is something called ‘urinary frequency’.

But as to why it happens when you come in the door, I can’t say, but if you don’t mind it, let it be.

Perhaps the urge you’re feeling is not to pee, so much as it is to mark your territory.

Then again, perhaps not…