My body hates me.

A few weeks ago, my eyes started itching like crazy and my lips became agonizingly chapped and my nose started to hurt in that way that it does when my allergies are bothering me and I developed an itchy rash on my inner thighs.

It’s been kind of a stressful time, not enormously so (everyone I love is still healthy and close by) and I’m handling it pretty well by doing what needs to be done. But my body still won’t leave me alone !

Arrrgghhh ! my lips hurt soooo much. I have been using two types of chap stick and Poly Sporin type stuff and nothing seems to help except to relieve the immediate agony, there’s always a slightly-less-immediate burning and throbbing that I can’t get rid of. I am ready to claw my eyes out with my fingernails which are luckily trimmed short or I would have two bloody gashes in the middle of my face by now.

It may have something to do with my allergies which have always been bad (hay fever, cats etc - never food allergies). Last month I gave up dairy and citrus which I miss dearly but my allergies have been substantially improved, sneezing and congestion-wise. It kind of feels like I am suffering from allergies but not quite, and even when I did suffer it was never constant like this, always intermittant. But my lips and eyes have been driving me mental for about two weeks solid. Arrrrgh !

this is mostly just a rant but if anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

Go to a doctor ? Get an allergy shot/injection ? It helped my sinus.

I might suggest you test what your allergies are. Maybe your eating or using something allergic to you on a daily basis.

Poor thing. Definitely go to the doctor. As far as your lips go, make sure your chapstick doesn’t have any camphor or menthol in it. That will just make it worse. (Most of 'em do, too.)