my boss is running his first marathon

My boss is going to be in the Boston marathon monday. He normally runs 5 to 10 miles for exercise, but has hardly ever been in a race and never a marathon. He actually decided to enter it on a dare…

Anyway we have a pool going on how long it takes him (or if he even finishes).

He’s running for a charity (SIDS) so he doesn’t have to “qualify” (to have run another marathon in 3:20). He won’t tell us his times for shorter runs but admits he’s not sure he could qualify if he had to. He’s about 40, tall (does that matter?), in good shape but not as ripped as I would imagine a serious distance runner would be. He’s been training specificly for the marathon since early December.

The weather in Boston this time of year is unpredicable to say the least. A good part of the course is uphill.

I think he’ll finish (as long as he doesn’t get injured or something) but I haven’t decided what time I’m betting on.

Oh, brother.

He is going to be a sight at the finish line.

Hell, I’ve trained for the three I’ve done, and I’ve looked like death warmed over after all of them. I can’t imagine trying one with a base of 5-10 miles. Oy.

Not knowing how fast he can run, I’ll put a bet out there for 4:40. That allows for the fact that he’s a faster runner than I am, but will tank hard and need to walk some.

–scout, who as she gets older, gets closer to qualifying

PR: 4:23
Qualifying time needed: 3:40


Since it’s the first mile that’s the hardest, and he can run ten miles, I say he’ll do great, but then again, it’s all about the grit. And don’t espect to be seeing him upright afterwards.

Scout1222 have you done the Suzuki Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Mud Run? I wanna, but I’m never organised enough to get in on time…
excuses, excuses:rolleyes: :wink: :smiley: :rolleyes:

We’re tracking him on the Boston Marathon website. (They put a chip in the runner’s shoe). :cool:

5k 0:42:30
10k 1:09:23
15k 1:36:39
20k 2:05:06
half 2:10:59
25k 2:34:49
30k 3:07:01
35k 3:43:33
Pace: 10:03
Projected time: 4:23 :slight_smile:

In minutes per 5k, it comes out to:
43 (probably due to being in the back of the pack)
37 (this is the “hearbreak Hill” part, I think)


and at the 40k mark, 4:23:35, which means 40 minutes for the last 5k… not bad at all…

(BTW, I bet on 4:40…)

oh yeah, pace is now 10:38 and projected time is 4:38:35

All right, so has he finished???

I wasn’t too far off, was I?

Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, but I hadn’t noticed your question.

I have run the Rock & Roll - last year, and that’s where I ran my PR.

I have not run the mud run. I’m not sure I’d be interested in getting all muddy like that. (plus, I wear glasses, so I’d need to get goggles or something) I do know people who do it, and they love it. It’s just not for me.

I was just at checking out some folks from San Diego. The search engine was quite slow, as I’m sure I’m not the only one searching right now!!!

Anyone else out there run Boston? Dopers??? (of course, if you did, you’re probably not at your computer right now…)

He finished at 4:37:47

WAY TO GO DAVE !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

and I think I won the pool, thanks scout1222 :slight_smile:

Right on.

It should be interesting to see what he has to say about the experience.

You don’t have stairs at work by any chance, do you?

(if so, make sure you spy on him walking DOWN them. it’ll be worth it, I promise)

nope, no stairs. :slight_smile:

But I know how my legs feel after a good ‘leg day’ lifting weights… I don’t even wanna THINK about how his’ll feel.

He was at work today, tired and sunburnt but in great spirits. He is walking funny - and says yeah, walking downstairs is almost impossible.

It was an intense experience all right. He wishes he had taken training more seriously and started training earlier. He might do this again but only if he can find more time for training (he’s a busy executive).

He said he probably should have started out running a little slower (after getting out of the pack), and if he had been running alone he would have, but he kept wanting to keep up with certain other runners.

When he was going up Hearbreak Hill, he said out loud “I should have taken this more seriously” and everyone laughed.

He never quite had to slow to a walk, but said that by the last few miles he would have if it weren’t for the crowd cheering everyone on. He loved the cheering crowd - “They didn’t cheer like that for high school track!”

BTW 4:37 was his “official time”, but his “chip time” was 4:23. The official time doesn’t take into accout the fact that he was at was at the back of the pack and it was 14 minutes before he even got across the starting line.

He is inspiring me to try harder to get in shape - although my idea of exercise is weight training and hiking, not running!

Chip time is where it’s at! No need to bog down your running time with time spent waiting!

All right. So someone with virtually no training has run a marathon as fast as I have. Yep, I’m a slow one. Oh well. Not everyone can be world class material now, can they? :wink:

Nothing wrong with hiking and weights! To each their own.

For what it’s worth, there has been a point in every marathon where I’ve literally said out loud “why am I doing this?” or some such comment. Of course it’s running through your head, but for some reason you get to a point where it needs to be verbalized.

Much to the amusement of those around you…