My boy likes to barf.

This makes me, um, uneasy. He’s most likely not bulemic or anorexic…heck, he’s 8 months old.

I’m just wondering how long it’s gonna last. We’ll be doing something, hear a GURK! and see him with his hand up to his wrist in his mouth with Gerber’s Baby Food level 3 running down his arm.

So. Any Doper suggestions on curbing the behavior? (I suspect ducttape is out of the question.)

Perhaps, he’s being fed too quickly and still needs a little help burping. You might try feeding him a little slower and burping him twice through meal time instead of just once. Yes, sometimes they still need a little help burping even when on baby food.

Your son will grow out of it. (and start a new totally mystifying behavioral thing that will leave you posting here in complete desperation.) You can keep him entertained during these fist down the throat sessions by having oodles of toys on the tray.

It shouldn’t last too long.

No really.

Just don’t feed him the Blue Berry Buckle with any outfit you don’t want ruined. NOTHING gets that stain out. Not even soaking in 100% bleach for a week. ( the material was ruined, but the stain remained.)

Yeah, I figure it’s a phase, but still it’s a good thing we’ve got a rug shampooer, and that tonight was shower night. sigh.

(sorry if this is a dupe)

My best friend in Junior and Senior High School could barf at will. He’d make this face and BBLLAAAAAAPPP! Pretty cool when you’re 14!