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Been there (with other meds, not Abilify specifically). One strategy is to cultivate a friendly relationship with either the doc or the doc’s front office staff, and see if they’ll let you bogart their samples (this can be seen as ethically questionable).

That said, the wikipedia page for aripiprazole (the active ingredient in Abilify mentions that it is available in generic form. OTOH, Wikipedia is run out of the UK, and they often reflect a UK-centric picture of reality, so it might not be available as a generic over here in medicaid-land.

Could be worthwhile checking out, though, to see if there’s a projected timeframe for when the US will have it available generically. In the meantime, front office staff like it when you know their names, if you get my drift.

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Sadly, those programs ALL disallow any patient who has government-sponsored medical coverage (i.e. Medicaid, Medicare).

Which is just evil.

Sometimes you can get the manufacturer to issue an exemption, but I think that’s rare.

Because the discount is just on your copay, NOT on what the insurance company pays.

Say it costs a thousand a month, and your insurance pays 800 a month. You have to come up with 200 a month.

You use that handy-dandy discount card, and you pay only 5 bucks.

But they still get 800 from the insurance company. So they’re giving up a small amount of their inflated profits, and keeping the market share. Same scam as when the EpiPen scam company jacked up the price on the things, then offered a “discount” card. So now you’re paying only 5 times what you did before and they’re still quintupling their profit.

Abilify (Aripiprazole) costs $1000 a month? Holy cow, it costs $3 for a month’s supply back in India. It is generic in India (I think). I was prescribed this for control over OCD-like symptoms, and it works very well even on extremely low doses (I take 1 mg a day at night). Unlike anti-depressants which take days or weeks to start working, aripiprazole works almost overnight. Definitely a wonder molecule, but in the US, unjustifiably expensive.

This is a nonprofit which will help you apply for assistance to get the drugs you need.

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